Unification News for May 2001

April 16 - Washington, DC

The Omni Shoreham Hotel Ballroom was filled to near capacity with over 2000 in attendance for the culmination, though not quite the finale of the "We Will Stand" tour.

West Virginia in the afternoon and Vermont in the evening of the following day (April 16th) will bring the tour to its actual close. An extraordinary feat by any measure, the interfaith and revival tour will have met in every single state in a mere 52 days.

Over 400 clergy attended, including most of the founding 120 of the American Clergy Leadership Conference.

The Metropolitan Baptist Church choir had the crowd on its feet or at least clapping and swaying to its melodic spiritual rhythms. They were phenomenal. Reverend Levy Daugherty, Patsy Casino, and June Maxim also helped get everyone warmed up.

The lighting was creatively done with images of stained-glass windows projected onto the backdrop of the stage for most of the program.

Grammy winner Phil Driscoll had the ballroom church in ecstasy as he performed "I Will Exalt Him" with the choir backing him up with its soulful harmonies. He is a trumpet player extraordinaire and a pretty fair white gospel singer to boot.

Reverend Michael Jenkins acted as the emcee for the evening and made it clear that this was just the beginning of a new revival movement that will continue for some time based on the momentum gained from these last 51 days.

Archbishop George Stallings was electric and AAA as usual, even trying some pew hopping when there were none to be found. He jumped out among the ministers and found a chair or two to stand upon instead. He tossed his clerical sash around a bit, filled with the Spirit and preaching the vital message that "everyone is a messiah" — if he is truly alive.

The 120 clergy were brought on-stage after the video (which had some technical problems) and welcomed keynote preacher Father Moon to the podium.

Father Moon went right into the meat of his recent message to the churches. Men and women, husbands and wives, need to use the convex and concave for the holy purpose of their one and only holy other for the sake of creating true families and the Kingdom of God on earth. The family and lineage is sacred. The time for true families is now.

He spoke for about an hour with one minister occasionally blowing his trumpet in response to the message. Father Moon then read the keynote speech in its entirety with Peter Kim giving simultaneous translation.

Another significant miracle was announced to the media as well as the audience.

Dr. T.L. Barrett (Superintendent for the Church of God in Christ, Chicago) and his wife had been separated for 10 years. They were together again suddenly this evening.

Father Moon had told Dr. Barrett that they would be getting back together within 10 or so days about a week ago while on the tour. He had also mentioned that it was strange for Dr. Barrett to be alone when he is leading a pro-family movement.

Pastor Barrett now sees his wife and himself as ministers for reconciling families—and it seems to be happening.

At his church recently, a couple that he knew had been long estranged was suddenly back together again. "God is bringing families together," he proclaimed.

After giving his testimony to the audience one lady who has been separated from her husband got up on-stage. Many of those assembled held up their hands in prayer for the restoration of her family.

It was a beautiful witness to the power of a greater community of faith in action.

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