Unification News for May 2001

Alevtina Memorial

by Michael Hentrich

We were all moved by the sacrifice of the Uzbekistan/Korean sister during Father's historic 50-state tour, Alevtina Ogai. Father proclaimed her death to be of international significance and he was in Cheyenne during her Seung Hwa Ceremony.

The small membership of Wyoming and the Denver Church are to take care of the costs of her burial, etc., and her family in Uzbekistan has no money at all. The tombstone, at this point, will be the smallest and plainest one available. Many people feel she deserves better than that level of appreciation. The costs associated with Alevtina's death are about $7,000. We need your help. This is not a lot of money if many of us chip in a little.

Please send your memorial contribution to the Denver regional headquarters at: 3418 W. 14th Street, Denver, CO 80204. Please make checks payable to HSA-UWC. Thank you for stretching a little bit just one more time.

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