Unification News for April 2001

April 9 - Indianapolis, Indiana

An overflow audience of about 1200 people inside the First Christian Missionary Baptist Church of Indianapolis rolled out the red carpet for the "We Will Stand" national tour on a Monday evening. The spirit was Holy Ghost warm and welcoming.

Reverend Damon Roach had prepared his church for this historic crusade as if Jesus himself was coming to town. A police escort had been arranged for a golden Rolls Royce (a previous gift to Pastor Roach by his congregation) that carried the main party from the airport and hotel.

It was a magnanimous gesture, deeply appreciated by Father Sun Myung Moon, 81, the keynote preacher, and his wife.

A lively international ladies choir adorned in traditional Korean "hanbok" started the gathering off with beauty and grace.

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings kicked off the preaching by giving a rousing and poetic sermon in his trademark style. The multi-denominational congregation parted like the Red Sea as he walked above and among them along the tops of the pews. After reaching the "Promised Land" near the rear of the church, he slapped someone a high five, pivoted, and returned to the pulpit even more filled with the Spirit.

Elder Lionel Rush pastor of Greater Harvest Institutional Church of God in Christ in Indianapolis had supported the "Million Man March" last year and in endorsing the "We Will Stand" campaign stated:

"I am hear to support and honor a world leader who is willing to work across denominational lines to help solve some of the most deadly problems plaguing our communities."

Father Moon preached about the oneness of Christian faith, the imperatives of racial reconciliation, interdenominational cooperation and strong families.

"When each of you enter the spirit world after this world, there will be no ethnic divide and no denomination, no color barrier," he said in Korean, with simultaneous translation by Mr. Peter Kim.

"You will enter the family of God, which is what I see right now in this audience -- one family, my family."

At the end of the speech there was a small surprise cake cutting and congratulatory song for Father and Mother Moon in honor of their 41st wedding anniversary.

The Reverend Linda Triggol, pastor of the local Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) congregation, Indianapolis Family Church, noted that this is just the kick-off of a new ministerial alliance.

She will be working with Elder Lionel Rush, the Reverend Damon Roach of First Christian Missionary Baptist Church, and other congregations to offer marriage and family seminars as well as youth workshops.

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