Unification News for April 2001

March 18 - Providence, Rhode Island

Revs. Kim, Buessing and Groenendyk did an excellent job in Providence. Father was very interested in the name Providence. Providence of God. In his opening Abonim said, "It means this city is special in Godís eyes." Special thanks to our media team there, Bill Brunhofer and all. Another victory in a state with very few members. Father had a lot of give and take from the stage with Rev. Minty DeKock a South African minister who has tremendous confidence in True Parents and Fatherís teaching. Rev. DeKock kept shouting "Amen" so loud and "I believe in you" that it really gave Father a boost. When asked how we are to be born again Father pointed out how big Rev. DeKockís body is and that he canít go back into the womb. The audience roared. Father was particularly pleased in Providence because of the beautiful representation of all colors in the audience.

Earlier that day we were interviewed by the main paper of Providence and the NBC and ABC affiliate. About 7 ministers joined in the press conference. Rev. Valentine, Rev. Kuma, Rev. DeKock, Rev.Valery, Rev. Buessing, former State Representative Bob Ouellette and a few more. Bishop Baymon was the featured national evangelist. He spoke out righteously that this was the movement to save the family. The other ministers went forward one after the other, Rev. Moon is Godís prophet, Rev. Moon is the chosen leader to bring the races together. Rev. Moon is another Dr. King. All these quotations were very exciting to hear as the momentum of the conference as well as the tour is spreading like wild fire.

Then suddenly breaking with the common assessment of Rev. Moon by the Invitational Committee Members ą Rev. DeKock stunned everyone by bursting out "He is the Messiah". Everyone took a deep breath for a moment and then he boomed again, (His voice would be best described as a deep, rich sonic boom type voice, "Thatís right thatís what I said ą Heís the Messiah. Heís the anointed one. Jesus chosen and whether you like it or not heís the one. The only reason people are holding back is because they are still holding on to their old dogmas and prejudices that will only continue to divide. Itís time for the church to let go !!" Somehow these shocking statements are reverberating around through a shocked room until finally one of the ministers said, "Amen!" Then everyone immediately returned to a sense of inner strength and pride. The Providence Journalís headline was, Rev. Moon Goes Mainstream in 50 State Tour" A quote from Rev. Jenkins was in caption form at the side of a beautiful picture of Father. The quote said, "Years ago, you may have heard that Rev. Moon was not very popular, Times have changed." (By the way this tour has successfully replaced all those old persecution prone shots of Father that were not complimentary - Every paper in the country has fresh new complimentary photos). The first paragraph was powerful. In a program drawing support from the states top political figures the Rev. Sun Myung Moon calls for an increase in family values."

Dr. Jorge Alveraz, Principal and key figure in the Rhode Island educational system presented Father and Mother with the "True Teacher Award". The Korean War Veterans of Rhode Island came out and presented Father with a beautiful framed collage of photos of the Korean War Veterans Memorial. All the veterans on the tour have stayed until the very end. The video highlight of Fatherís imprisonment in communist prison and subsequent refugee photos and the first mud hut church of the Unification Church creates an unbreakable bond between these patriots and True Parents.(These are the valiant men who gave their lives for freedom, both for America and the world. That condition gives them a base to understand Father like no other generation. )

How sad it is for God that this generation could not have been the ones to STAND with him in 1945 ą 1952. Their experience of sacrifice and suffering is far greater than that of their sons and daughters. However, we take comfort in the fact that a new spirit is rising in America where Americans are coming forward, both American Blessed Couples and American Clergy who are feeling the call to lay down our lives for the cause of the Heaven.

I want to ask all Americans to consider this time as one of the greatest opportunity to set your family and nations name in the heavenly scroll as those who, like the signers of the Declaration, like those who fell at Bunker Hill, like those who fell at Gettysburg, like those who died at Verdun, Bataan , Normandy, Pork Chop Hill and Saigon. Like those who died as Christian martyrs that America might live. We blessed families and blessed clergy are rising together following the sacrifice of our True Parents for the will of Heaven.

Every morning we read the Coronation for Godís Kingship prayers and speech. Father says in the speech, "If you die you will what?? Live." Do you want America to live??? Then die for America. Die for the unity of Christianity to become a soul force that will heal this land. If you die for the will of heaven you will never die but you will live.

The tour is only half way spent. You still have time. Donít hesitate. Give your life for your nation and your nation will live. I love America but my nation is in deep sorrow and trouble. Those who step forward now to die for the nation as Washington, King and MacArthur did will be those who can light her path into this new Millennium. Who will hold up this blazing torch? Who will stand together with clergy who night after night cross the boundary that Christians have never crossed before. That Godís anointed leader, the leader that Jesus has anointed is now before us. These 120 that are proclaiming this are paying a heavy price. Will you stand with them? Those who sacrifice as our Parents have will have great fortune as central blessed families. Thank You America.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

Providenceóindeed, that is what brought this historic rainbow gathering of races and religions together on a cool March evening. "We Will Stand" the national tour of hope and reconciliation arrived on its 22nd stop with Father Sun Myung Moon as the keynote speaker. Over 400 people crowded into a ballroom at the Providence Marriott for a feast of spiritual as well as physical "nutrition."

Bishop Baymon was the featured national evangelist. He spoke out righteously stating that "this ("We Will Stand") movement was the movement to save the family."

Other ministers from the Invitational Committee came forward one after another, complimenting Father Moon as a "prophet of God" and "another Dr. King".

Rev. Rufus Oscar Kuma, of the Living Hope Assembly of God church in Pawtucket sought to reassure his fellow clergy.

"Father Moon is not trying to convert people to his church but is only trying to unite various religious faiths into one community."

The Rev. Michael Jenkins, president of The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification(FFWPU), called Father Moon "a prophet reviled by many in his own time but carrying a message of eternal validity."

Rev. Minty DeKock, a South African minister was particularly confident in his appraisal, declaring, "He's the messiah. He's the anointed one, Jesus' chosen. And whether you like it or not he's the one. The only reason people are holding back is because they are still holding onto their old dogmas and prejudices that will only continue to divide. Its time for the church to let go! "

Declarations of support came from U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee, Governor Almond and Providence Mayor Vincent A. Cianci Jr.

Chafee and Cianci hailed Father Moon as a unifier of people. Governor Almond and Mayor Cianci both proclaimed the day as "We Will Stand Day" in Rhode Island.

A video biography preceded the introduction to Father Moon's sermon. It includes unforgettable images of his imprisonment in communist North Korea, refugee photos and that of the mud hut that became the Unification Church. For veterans especially, it affirms their respect and a bond of common suffering that cannot be broken or easily understood.

In his opening remarks, Father Moon stated, "providence" means that this city is special in God's eyes.

When asked how we are to be born again by someone in the audience, Father Moon pointed out how big Rev. DeKock's body is and said, "He can't go back into the womb!"

The audience roared.

He spoke extemporaneously with Mr. Peter Kim giving simultaneous translation for the most part, though often interjecting an English phrase or sentence.

Afterwards, he read speedily from the prepared text, "The Path for America and Humanity in the New Millennium". Mr. Peter Kim gave simultaneous translation.

"People used to say, don't go to see Rev. Moon and look in his eyes, you'll be brainwashed," he said.

Father Moon urged his audience to follow his example to "preach the truth with courage, no matter how much persecution they encounter".

As the evening drew to a close, Dr. Jorge Alveraz, Principal and key figure in the Rhode Island educational system presented Father Moon with the True Teacher Award.

The Korean War Veterans of Rhode Island also came on stage in a truly poignant moment, presenting Father Moon with a beautiful framed collage of photos of the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

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