Unification News for April 2001

March 16 - Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, another great city along the Bible Belt, was the 20th stop of the 51-day, 47-city "We Will Stand" tour of America. Over 700 people gathered at the Robinson Center Music Hall.

The original church hosting the event canceled with about one week before the scheduled arrival of this crusade for reconciliation and revival. This left the organizing committee in a completely impossible situation, but a hall was secured at the last moment.

One pastor who received one of 80,00 leaflets handed out prior to the event by volunteers was Reverend Della Rosa. He was curious when he saw that it was affiliated with Father Moon and decided to come. He was so amazed to find a preacher who taught that the fall of Adam and Eve was the misuse of love.

"He is the first preacher I ever met that had this revelation about the fall. For years this is what I believed and yet I never could find any support for this. I wish Reverend Moon would have never stopped talking. I heard that he has 400 volumes of speeches. I need those speeches. Where can I get those?"

The sole local speaker at the event was the Rev. Charles E. Williams of Greater Paradise Baptist Church. He gave the invocation.

Reverend Wendell Blair a founding member of the American Clergy Leadership Conference from Dallas was truly inspired and stood up firmly.

"They labeled all the great religious leaders in history. Jesus himself was considered a cult leader. They called Reverend Moon a cult leader. I'm here to tell you that I can see the fruits of this ministry. This is no cult. This is the work of God! I want to ask all of the clergy here to join the American Clergy Leadership Conference. Let us come forward now to move this nation!"

"Reverend Moon is teaching and preaching for the true God, true parents and true love," Blair said. "This ministry is all about interrelationships and interdenominations."

"This is a ministry of all Christian people coming together," said the Reverend Michael Jenkins, president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU). Reverend Jenkins and Reverend Blair were speaking of the American Clergy Leadership Conference, which was founded by Father Moon in May and includes "12,000 pastors from across America," according to Reverend Jenkins.

When two local gospel acts did not show up, the Reverend Blair led the gathering in an a cappella version of "This Little Light of Mine" accompanied by hand clapping, and then a gospel tune, accompanied by a Hammond organ and drums.

One of the most famous choirs in the country -- the Mississippi Mass Choir performed after the keynote address of Father Moon.

Bishop Cody Smith gave a short sermon and it was then all in attendance knew that the Holy Spirit was moving in a mighty way. After just three words the whole audience was to it's feet crying out.

Praise the Lord! Some are sticking their toes in the water. A few are jumping in. The water is fine.

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