Unification News for March 2001

Rev. Moon's 50 City Tour - Columbus, OH—March 5

The city of Columbus truly discovered the Rev. Sun Myung Moon ; the year 2001.

This ninth city in the national "We Will Stand" tour was warmly welcomed by 1400 plus native "Buckeyes" (Ohioans) who jammed the main ballroom of the Columbus Hilton.

A well attended VIP reception was held prior to the pre-program which began at 6:00 PM with an invocation given by Bishop Wilson Jemison, Pastor of the Church of the Living God.

A soulful musical selection followed, sung by the choir of the Church of Christ Apostolic Church.

Rev. Allan Roberts, pastor of St. James Pentecostal Church; Dr. William Craig, pastor of Christian Home Ministries Church, and Dr. Joseph Russell of Faith Ministries Church each gave a 3-minute inspirational presentation on topics in line with the theme of the tour --- national unity and reconciliation, faith-based problem solving and character education. The Little Tigers demonstrated some martial arts moves and just prior to the entrance of emcee, Rev. Michael Jenkins, a few musical selections by the St. James Pentecostal Church and the Cornerstone Pentecostal Church Choirs infused the atmosphere with holiness.

Rev. Jenkins remarks began with an explanation of the purpose, theme, and vision of the Tour. He was also very clearly proud of the tour torch bearer and main speaker, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The invocation given by Bishop Fred Marshall, Vice-President of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, and pastor of the Free Baptist Church recalled the initial anointing of Father Moon, "a man still standing for what is right and who has never given up."

Proclamations were read from the Mayor's office, the African Peace Foundation and various ministers.

Dr. Hycel Taylor, originally from Columbus Ohio, now in Chicago, gave a powerful and moving presentation on why ministers of different faiths are standing together in these times and on this tour with Father Moon

Bishop Brehon Hall, pastor of the New Psalmist Baptist Church from Toledo brought a busload of his own church members and gave a powerful testimony regarding his own experience with Father Moon.

Following the brief biographic video, the guest of honor was welcomed warmly by the very attentive audience. Almost three quarters of the audience had never before seen or met Father Moon according to a query posed by him at the start.

Talk about an invitation to preach to a preacher! Father Moon spoke about 2 hours, impromptu, and the crowd loved it. People clapped their hands and shouted "amen" several times throughout. The essence of his message seemed to be that "Now is the time for family not church". Overall, he truly struck a chord with everyone in attendance. His prepared speech was read after this, at 9:40PM.

There was also a second, brief reading, by Rev. Oscar Crawford of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church who himself had brought 150 guests.

As the evening drew to a reluctant close, Father Moon and Mrs. Moon, received gifts from the former President of Liberia and the Korea War Veterans Association.

Five gold watches, were awarded by Father Moon to five outstanding ministers and in addition there was a drawing for several more watches for all ministers in attendance.

Bishop Brehon Hall closed the program with a prayer.

—Regional report

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