Unification News for December 2000

In Memoriam Mark Wilenchik

Mark had the ability to embrace all kinds of people from every station of life, from a wide variety of faiths and diverse ethnic backgrounds. Looking at the faces in this room you can see the visible evidence of this. These friends include plumbers and Corporate Managers, electricians and religious leaders, teachers and children and this was possible because of his special capacity to love.

Many people who casually meet Mark knew him as a person whose serious face would break into a big smile on seeing them. This smile was honest and open.

We know Mark as being hard working, conscientious, and loyal and faithful to his family, friends and those he worked with. Where did these qualities come from and how were they nurtured so well in one person?

First, it is important to recognize and give thanks to Markís parents for they instilled these qualities in Mark. At work with his father at the hardware store or from listening to the straight talk of his mother, Mark learned to value people, appreciate things and share generously the good things in life.

Critical in his upbringing is the faith of his birth, Judaism. We can be grateful for the inheritance Mark received from Judaism which includes his strong devotion to God, his ability to accept responsibility and an appreciation of the God - given dignity found in each and every person. He could grasp, as the prophet Isaiah taught, the Universality of God.

Mark was also Blessed with a loving, faithful, devoted wife, Tamie. Her strong faith would provide the encouragement and support for Mark in his quest to be the person of true character that God intended. They worked as a complimentary team, searching, sharing and giving to each other and to those around them. Their relationship of love and faith resembles the quality of water, strong enough to dissolve rock, yet flexible enough to go through all kinds of obstacles.

Perseverance is one quality of Mark that sticks in my mind. Many of you know of the success of the Hotel New Yorker and understand Markís role in that success but this was no overnight victory. Mark suffered for seven years trying his best to manage the difficult situation at Continental real estate. Many people would have given up because their was no chance to bring the kind of success that could make you satisfied. Yet Mark held on and could see to it that things turned around. He really wanted to support Parents work at all costs. This patient sacrifice was the foundation for the grand success he experienced at the New Yorker.

Mark is a loving parent and you can see his legacy in his children Daniel and Hana. They are people of goodness, character and creativity and have grown up with confidence that they are loved.

In Markís last three days he made a clear determination to renew his devotion to God, his wife and family. He had just returned from the National Blessing ceremony in Korea and he was inspired to take on a more spiritual work, especially teaching. During his last three days, he amazingly searched deep into himself to repent for any shortness or misjudgments he made. He was really determined to be 100% pure in all things. His moving into the spiritual world opens up many opportunities for Mark to fulfill his deep spiritual desire.

We are deeply grateful to God, for many of Markís qualities are a result of Godís love. Through our relationship with Mark, we could come to understand a part of God, especially his patient strength, his wide embrace, and his commitment to excellence. This is a time of gratitude to God for the life of Mark Wilenchik and we appreciate the legacy that he has left here for us to build on.

This is a brief chronology:

Mark graduated from the University of Connecticut majoring in Anthropology and History. In 1975, he joined the Unification Movement in Oakland, California. He went through a period of fundraising and witnessing where he served as a fundraising captain and also worked in public relations.

In 1979, he traveled to London, England where he pioneered in Home Church. Mark was matched to Tamie Asakura in 1979 and received the Holy Blessing in Madison Square Garden in 1982.

In 1981, he graduated from the Unification Theological Seminary in the first Divinity class. He was a class officer and won honors in Public Speaking. Mark was instrumental in the development of interfaith conferences and anti-communism conferences at UTS.

During True Father's court case, he served as assistant to Mike Runyon. After he graduated from UTS, he pioneered the West Point, New York center.

In 1983, Mark became the Conference Coordinator for CAUSA International and then became a Vice-President for News World Communications, Inc. for a short time until he became President of Continental Development Corp. in which he managed the Tiffany Building and other major real estate buildings in the New York area.

In 1995, Mark was appointed Managing Director for the New Yorker Hotel. Mark helped to guide the successful transition of the New Yorker to its current status as one of New York's premier 3-star hotels.

Mark served on the Financial Committee for the NJ-FFWPU and also served on the Board of Directors at Bridgeport University.

On November 19, 2000, Mark and Tamie completed the 2nd level National Blessing and Registration.

John Gehring

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