Unification News for December 2000

The First Twenty-One Day Blessed Wives’ Workshop

Nora Spurgin
December, 2000

When the call came to attend the 21-day workshop in Chung Pyong, each of us had to deal with dropping everything and responding to our True Father’s call. There was very little explanation as to the meaning of the workshop. Faithfully, we put aside our immediate plans wanting to, "be there when True Father needs us" as June Darby Perrion, from England said.

Christel Werner, expressed her response, "Most of all, I looked forward to meeting True Parents again in an intimate way. True Parents were really our personal True Parents as they shared their deepest love and concern for each of us. We deeply repented for not measuring up to their expectations, when Father asked us many times, ‘Did you live for others?’ and ‘Do you know God?’

We soon sensed that the workshop had a great deal to do with the unification of North and South Korea. At one point True Father said, "I can’t unite a nation until you can unite your mind and body and your marriages."

Upon our arrival we heard that Father wanted to visit, but he was so disappointed that the number was so small. More sisters arranged to come and soon there were eight hundred Korean, Japanese and Western women mostly from the 777 blessing and up. Marie Ang spoke for all 14 Westerners, when she said 14 Westerners were a definite minority.

Everyone was awe struck at the transformation of Chung Pyung from a rather rustic camp-like atmosphere to a plaza of stately marble buildings. The lovely, natural environment embraces elegant and placid buildings. Daemo Nim explained that she was instructed to use only the very best materials. Rocks, landscaped hillsides and sculptures were carefully placed and tended, giving one a sense of walking into heaven.

Our 21-day workshop was held in the large main building where we slept on beautiful, wooden floors at night and held our sessions during the day. There was always a sense of clarity, cleanliness and beauty. Beautiful paintings adorned the walls; even each toilet stall held a little square oriental painting. Everything tastefully blended into an astonishingly beautiful environment for spiritual cleansing and learning.

Our schedule was based on the regular Chung Pyung Workshop schedule with adjustments for True Father’s frequent visits. Reverend Yoon was called from Jardim to conduct the Hoon Dok Hae sessions. The warmth and wisdom that he interspersed during the HDH sessions with advise on family life was an expression of Father’s interest in strengthening our family relationships. Betsy Jones remembers Father saying that the most important things that a wife does is to embrace her husband, resolve our conflicts and achieve intimacy. He told us to express our desire to be with True Father in our love for our husbands.

The three clapping "ansu" sessions per day were focused on cleansing our bodies from the negative energies (spirits) that were embedded within us, causing problems like illness, disease, resentments, jealousy and arrogance, etc. Daemo Nim explained that as blessed couples we were like a landing pad for spirits to seek returning resurrection or share in our lives and thus become a hindrance to us. In a positive way they could be liberated from us, and their problems, so they could become a positive contribution to the providence today. Daemo Nim also spoke clearly about our health, saying that when these negative energies clog our bodies the blood doesn’t flow freely and stagnates in certain parts of the body causing illnesses such as cancer. She explained that clapping breaks down these stagnating pockets and gets the blood and oxygen flowing to the cells so that with the release of negative spirits, toxins and poisons were also released. At Chung Pyung the angels were trained to assist in the release and disposal of such spiritual and physical negativity. She asked us, as women to focus on the underarms (lymph nodes) breasts, and stomach organs and the uterus and knees.

"Perhaps the most touching moments I experienced were during the sessions where True Father came and spoke, eager to see the faces of sisters he worked with and blessed years ago. He asked one or two sisters to sing and then spontaneously sisters came forward one by one, bowed and then waited their turn to perform. Some gave testimonies of their pioneering experiences which Father listened to very closely and seemed touched by the stories and songs," Marie Ang said. It was quite amazing to see these elderly ladies—it was like a grandmother’s workshop—singing and dancing and spontaneously relating to True Father. He spent a long time just smiling and listening and sometimes asking them questions or commenting on how different they look now!

Gertrude Koch states how moved she was when True Father said, "I waited so long to call you all together." Someone else said," It was as if Father was afraid he wouldn’t have another chance to give us his words, and let us feel his concern and love."

Elke Van der Stock from Holland said, "After so many years it felt like coming home. Seeing the 36, 72, 430 and 777 couples and the early Western members was fulfilling a hope I had long cherished. One of my deepest realizations was that Heavenly Father living through our True Father received all the persecution, torture, and disrespect True Father went through."

Every weekend Daemo Nim holds an ancestor liberation ceremony which many members from Korea and Japan attend in order to liberate additional generations of ancestors. We were able to join these liberations. During these weekends, families slept on blankets on every bit of floor space they could find. There is no way that we can ever appreciate the concern for our families that Daemo Nim expresses. Through her work, millions from the spirit world are able to be taught The Principle and are receiving help to be ushered into the Kingdom of Heaven. She gave a deep, heartfelt plea for us to use this time wisely to liberate as many as possible.

During the workshop we also heard testimonies from many of the elder participants. Mrs. Kang, who has been blessed to St. Augustine, told her story, from the time she as a young missionary and met True Father in Pusan in the "cardboard" house to her most recent communications with St. Augustine. Her testimony became even more vivid when new communications from the spirit world (Dr. Lee) were read. St. Augustine responded to 14 questions that his wife asked. Many of the stories and songs of the "early days" took on faces as the authors or their songs and stories became real to us. At one point True Father asked a woman to sing the song, "Kamsahamnida," a song which had been received in the early days.

We had come to the workshop with little information about its meaning. As Father spoke to us, the meaning became deeper and deeper. We began to understand that the unity of the nation in which we would be registering was such a long, painful course for our True Parents. Father began to talk about the need to "clean up" all our sins before registering. We were certainly surprised when he announced that he wanted to liberate all the couples and free us from our sins and those of our children, in preparation for Family Registration. On the foundation of the women attending the 21-day workshop, the husband and children could all be qualified to receive holy wine again and be purified in order to enter into the national level registration for the Kingdom of Heaven. This was a new start even for God and we needed to be pure. DaemoNim said she could see many transgressions which were being hidden; therefore Father decided that everyone would be re-blessed in order to enter The Kingdom on the same foundation.

As was mentioned before, Father talked a great deal about the one nation—the unity of North and South Korea. He challenged all of us to be ready to help make this happen. At the end of our workshop, he gave specific directions: We were to be mobilized to work in Korea for the next three or four years. On the last day, we received our graduation certificates and chose by lottery, a church where we would work in Korea. The churches were around Seoul and Inchon. We were instructed to visit our assigned church, meet the pastor and pray there before leaving Korea. Father sees the great need to educate the Korean people in preparation for a unified nation. We came home with serious minds about how we could fulfill this condition. Later we returned to Korea with our spouses and families to receive the family level Blessing with many more graduates. Mrs. Betsy Jones was the first of us to stay in Korea for several months to work in her area.

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