Unification News for October 2000

Experiencing the Special Grace Blessing

This is from notes from a report given by Mr. Hoon Hwi Joo, UTS, September 29, 2000, by Tyler Hendricks.

The three-day program began on September 24 at 11:00 a.m. It was called, in rough translation, the "Special Blessing for the Sphere of Oneness (or sphere of one body) through Transformation of the Three Time Periods˜The Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age." The gist is that True Parents have united the three time periods, thus creating their victorious foundation. True Parents have bequeathed that foundation to Heung Jin Nim in spirit world. On this basis, good spirit world can move to the elder son position, which it should have had originally but lost because of the fall. Hyun Jin Nim is appointed in the victorious younger son position, representing the physical world. Thus Heung Jin Nim and Hyun Jin Nim embody the True Parents‚ foundation, uniting spirit world and physical world. They will give the Blessing to the people of the spirit world and the physical world respectively.

On September 25 both True Father and Daemo Nim spoke. Daemo Nim explained that this is a forgiveness blessing. The first blessing we received was conditional and True Father promised God that we would reach perfection. We did not fulfill that and even some couples fell to positions below where they were when they received the blessing. Therefore we all need the forgiveness blessing before receiving the registration blessing. The foundation is our absolute faith and the erasure of any sense of self, of ego. Daemo Nim reminded everyone of the seven (or was it ten) conditions she set for blessed couples in order for us to create an ideal family centering on absolute faith. They included the role of the husband to give absolute love to his wife and that of the wife to give absolute beauty, internally and externally, and obedience to her husband. They went on to entail no smoking, no drinking, no misuse of public funds, no fornication, no fallen nature at all, and maintenance of public traditions such as Sunday service, pledge service, hoon dok hae, and so forth.

Several times that day True Father emphasized that even though this is the age of women on the frontline, the wife nonetheless is in the object position to her husband. Father also exalted Daemo Nim‚s medium, Lady Hyo Nam Kim, as follows. Mrs. Kim is now the representative on earth for the entire True Family who are in spirit world, including Heung Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim, Hye Jin Nim, Hee Jin Nim, Choongmo Nim and Dae Hyung Nim. Therefore her appelation is changed to "Hoonmo Nim," which means "the disciplining mother."

On September 26 at 6:30 a.m. the Blessing Ceremony started. It was called "The Blessing Ceremony for Registration of the Four-Position Foundation." Father emphasized forgiveness, restarting, and re-qualification for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as a restored family and clan. Rev. and Mrs. Kwak officiated the Blessing Ceremony, representing Hyun Jin Nim‚s couple, who could not be there. Each entire family shared one cup of holy wine and then participated in a blessing ceremony, so it was like a holy wine ceremony and blessing ceremony combined. There was no mention of a separation period or three-day ceremony.

True Father said that the day, or time we are in, is "high noon," at which point the sun is perfectly overhead and there are no shadows. God is perfectly directly above us, so there are no shadows, which means no borders. It means it is the age of perfect settlement.

From Cliff Yasutake, who attended the second three-day workshop, I heard that on the first day, the 26th, True Father spoke until 3 or 4 p.m., so they started the official workshop that evening with Rev. Kwak speaking. The next day they did clapping and singing, and True Father spoke that evening and left. On the third day, Thursday, they had the wine ceremony in the morning, officiated by Rev. and Mrs. Kwak. They were done by noon and left for the airport, leaving a day early. They heard there were 8,000 people there˜it was very crowded, so the lines for eating were challenging, and sleeping was chaotic. They were provided sleeping bags, but the space was hard to find. Everyone slept together as families in huge rooms, but bathrooms were separate for men and women.

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