Unification News for June 2000

Second Generation Gather to Plan a Strategy for Uniting with True Parents Vision

S. A. Szawlowski
June 2000

On the foundation of a long tradition and hard working followers of True Parents, and True Parents themselves, the second generation convened to plan a strategy for continuing True Parents' work. Many second generation members met at Camp Sunrise on 4/29/00, Saturday morning to listen to speakers, brainstorm ideas and make a determination to unite with True Parents' foundation.

On that morning, a warm day of spring, the participants in the one day workshop, all of whom are active members in the "second generation new cultural program" gathered to learn and voice their opinions on what second generation members can do for God, True Parents and the world. With Hyun Jin Nim as leader of the Second generation, all of the participants knew that the time for action had come. The heart and determination is there with the participants, but the strategy was all that was left to hammer out.

An energy of extreme intensity could be felt at the meeting which drove the participants to actively involve themselves in the meeting. As the "second generation new cultural program" continues to grow and attract more second generation members, the time to "actionize" has come. The internal meaning of this meeting was to prepare the participants of the "second generation new cultural program" for witnessing at rallies during the spring and summer of 2000.

The topics which were presented to the participants were "The purpose of the original UC performing arts and it's activities", "The effect of music on culture and how the second generation can change the culture and world", "The importance of witnessing", and "The spring and summer of 2000's second generation witnessing activities and the future of the second generation new cultural program".

After lunch and socializing, the participants gathered in groups to brainstorm on how the second generation new cultural program can fulfill its goals. The two topics discussed were what would be motivating to people at the spring and summer witnessing campaigns and what the participants think would be a good way to achieve the goal of fulfilling True Parent's vision. Some of the brainstorming ideas were:

The brainstorming ideas for this spring and summer's witnessing were: Rallies along the Hudson river and in parks of populated metropolitan areas with free concerts (Promotions and planning of rallies by local UC churches would be helpful), handing out fliers throughout the areas (locations where the concerts and witnessing activities would be held), having skits depicting facts of the Divine Principle (or Bible) and teachings of True Parents, mini-lectures at the rallies and invitations to one, seven, twenty one and forty day lectures.

The brainstorming for the second generation new cultural programs future activities: Recording and airing a weekly radio program , Creating a fully interactive web-site with the bands of the second generation new cultural program's downloadable MP3s, CDs, videos, mission statement, creating films, influencing fashion with new clothes, a TV talk show, publishing a newspaper and/or magazine, comic books based on God/TP/UC ideology, promoting "pro family' ideology, creating an email listserve and chat room for the members of this program.

Upon concluding the brainstorming portion of the meeting, the bands of the "second generation new cultural program" performed for the audience and each other. The music was a mix of original and cover songs that the bands intend to play at the rallies, "the bands have really got a "new presence" since their first concert" said one of the audience members. The new presence that I believe that person was talking about is their willingness to unite with God and True Parents and sacrifice their lives for all of God's children in the world. The participants and organizers of the second generation new cultural program want to thank God and True Parents for their sacrifice, vision, and unending love and Hyun Jin Nim for his great leadership.

S. A. Szawlowski (Salowsky) is the project director of the second generation new cultural program for region 2. Email: irvingwash@earthlink.net

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