Unification News for March 2000

Circles Of Angels

by Beverly Freed Wax—Bridgeport, CT

When I read Nora Spurgin’s new book, Circle of Angels, I wanted to share it with everyone. Like much of her writing, this book is both inspirational and practical and offers the reader step-by-step principled instructions for using angel power to energize and enhance life. According to the author, our principled understanding of the position of angels in relationship to the rest of the spiritual world teachers that angels need to be called or commissioned, guided and educated in order to express their full angelic power on earth.

When reading the book, Circles of Angels, How to call your own circles of Angels to energize your Life, one begins to imagine a whole spiritual corporation at work energizing the earthly tasks we’ve taken on.

Mrs. Spurgin talks about angels preparing the way for difficult tasks when we send them to carry away negative thoughts, ease the flow of communication, heal bad feelings, enhance health, help deal with resentment and make amends for ancestral sins. She also includes stories from personal experiences of herself and others.

When I visited an Angel Store in Milford, CT., I left my copy with the proprietor who expressed immediate interest. Within two weeks she had bought and sold out a dozen copies and set up a talk and book-signing for the author.

I was impressed with the exciting discussion afterward. I could see why Nora Spurgin has chosen writing small how-to books as a way to share her faith with people who would not otherwise cross her path. At $5.95 each, the beautifully illustrated books make wonderful little gifts. These are books many of us are proud to give to relatives and friends. They are available through HSA Publications or through the author.

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