Unification News for January 2000

Godís Day Entertainment

by Pierre TardyóClifton, NJ

The Master of ceremonies was Larry Moffit


Davis Eaton conducted the gala ensemble orchestra in a performance of the finale, Allegro vivace, of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartís Symphony No 34


Yoshimi is an outstanding soprano from Japan. She sang the beautiful Korean art song "Gga Go Pa "

MIYUKI HARLEY Miyuki sang "Heavenís Romance" which she and her husband Sam Harley wrote especially for the True Godís Day 2000 program.

KENNY MUHAMMAD, ĎTHE HUMAN ORCHESTRAí "Kennyís Joy" was composed for Kenny by David Eaton to exemplify the harmonization of the diverse styles of classical music and Hip-Hop

MZURI Mzuri delighted audiences at a recent Hoon Dok Hae conference in Washington, D.C. and at the foundation Day celebration at Belvedere. Godís Day she performed "Listen to the Message" which is inspired by her love of God and her family with whom she co-wrote this special song.

MZURI AND PHILIP MICHAEL THOMAS Co-star of the hit television series " Miami Vice," Philip Michael Thomas is also a very talented sing and song writer. He collaborated with Mzuri to perform his song "Significant Other" which is based on West African dance rhythms. "Holy Mother, Eternal Father, we are the children of the universe. I am your sister, Iím your brother. We pray for life, for each other. You are my significant other"

JENA EISENBERG Jena is the daughter of Marty and Linda Eisenberg who where blessed in 1982 as part of the 8000 couple Blessing. Jena has developed into a very talented pianist and composer. She performed Frederic Chopinís "Brilliant Waltz" and one of her own compositions, "Tempestad de Tristeza" which she performed with the New York Symphony

FAMILY FEDERATION CHOIR Songs from the three Dispensational Cultures of Korea, Japan and the United States with Susan Osmond the Director)

TRUE PARENTS, AMERICA AND THE NEW MILLENNIUM A video retrospective highlighting True Parentís activities

FINALE "New time for love "A Tribute to True Godís Day 2000 composed and produced by Kevin Pickard Performed by Raoul Joseph, Miyuki Harley and members of the Second Generation from the Barrytown and New Jersey Family Federation Communities

GRAND FINALE Celebrated with members of the True Family backed up by the J-Carp band. It was a spectacular evening. Hyun Jin Nim, and Hyung Jin Nim (True Parents youngest son) did a fantastic Job. They are going on a tour to Japan and Korea. The atmosphere was so good and uplifting.

During the 3-day event, a giant screen was set up in the back of the stage and we could see every detail in a close up fashion of what was happening on the stage.

David Eaton wrote as an introduction to the program the following:

In 1983 ,while in South America to perform for the Sixth World Media Conference, Father shared his view with regards to creating "New Age" music. He said, "Classical music should be our foundation because it has the ability to express the widest range of heart. With that foundation, combine the Abel-type elements of other styles or music-folk, pop, ethnic, jazz-with the classical style in such a way that the marriage of individual styles can be transcended and thus create a harmonious unification of those diverse elements. Thatís New Age music !"

In tonightís program weíve have attempted to do just as Father instructed. With classical music as a foundation weíve have integrated Korean Art Songs, Japanese Traditional music and dance, American Pop, Gospel, west African folk and even Hip-Hop into the fabric of this special High Holy Day celebration.

As the new millennium begins, it is my hope to continue to bring True Parentsí tradition of True Love into all of our creative endeavors.

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