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Ashamed of True Parents?

Letter to the editor
Gary Fleisher
March 1998
Denver, Colorado

If we are proud of True Parents we should freely witness about them.

I believe that the practice of tricking people into drinking Holy Juice is a result of being ashamed of True Parents. It is repugnant. Especially since the perpetrators claim that they are Blessing their victims by duping them into drinking.

One of many examples is the March 8, WFWP inter-racial sisterhood bridging ceremony held in Denver Colorado. The evening ended with a toast to the WFWP. The toast was done with Holy Juice. There was no explanation to the participants that the juice they were drinking was anything but regular juice. As far as anyone knew, they were toasting WFWP, not participating in a Unification Church sacramental ceremony. No one mentioned receiving Reverend and Mrs. Moon as True Parents, the Blessing, or the meaning of the sacrament. What possible benefit can there be in spiking the juice? The answer is that someone is claiming that those women have received the Blessing. Even though the women did not consent to being Blessed, know what the Blessing is, or know who True Parents are.

I do not think that Unification Church leadership believes that the only qualification for being saved is drinking juice, even though some members seem convinced of this. I am sure that we all believe in a attendance to True Parents, a life of faith, and that humans must fulfil their part for God's will to be done.

Why do we no longer explain our beliefs and encourage others to follow them? I think that the answer is, we are ashamed of True Parents; we want to please Parents, but are afraid of being rebuffed by the persons we witness to. Deception is the easiest path for us. We are tired of being rejected because so many people are convinced that Reverend Moon is an evil con-man. It seems to me that most persecution came from the deceitful things we did in Reverend Moon's name. By continuing to deceive in the name of the True Parents we only defame Parents and invite more persecution.

About half the members of my local Denver church say that they reached the goal of Blessing 186 couples for the 3.6 Million Couple Blessing. That is at least 4,000 couples. However, I have not seen any of those newly blessed couples become active in supporting the work of Reverend Moon. Not one seems interested in his teachings, ideas, or projects.

As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no effort to contact those 4,000 couples. Shouldn't they be educated about True Parents? It looks like they were reported as being Blessed and then forgotten. Their only purpose being to fulfill a numeric goal so some Unificationist could benefit.

What is happening in Denver is not exceptional. I only use Denver as an example because I live there. The same things are happening across the world.

Even though our motivation is to please Reverend Moon by fulfilling the numerical goal he set, the truth is that we act ashamed of True Parents. The emphasis is on reaching the numerical goal by the easiest means. Those means being fraud. It is simpler and more numerically rewarding not to witness at a party. Spike the punch with Holy Juice, just pour it in and escape. Then claim to have Blessed all the attendees. The right way is to use the party as a means to stand up and witness to True Parents. Convince the party goers to accept Reverend and Mrs. Moon.

I saw a shameful incident. Trent, a Denver member, witnessed to Diana on his way to church. She came with him to Sunday Service. A lecture was set up for Diana (who is single). A Unification Church Leader, wanted the lecture cut short and Diana encouraged to leave, so that there would be more time to focus on Blessing. The reason seems to be that meeting the numerical goals set by Reverend Moon has become more important than who Reverend Moon is and what the power of his teachings is.

I do not think that we can fulfill Reverend Moon's goals and build a Kingdom of Heaven by tricking people into drinking juice.

It is time to restore the past by being proud of True Parents. I think that this means witnessing about their significance and works. We should not be ashamed of True Parents by hiding what we are doing at their behest. We need to teach about True Parents. The result will be finding prepared people who will honor the Blessing because they want to be Blessed. They, in turn, will strive to find others to be Blessed. We should be praying for God to send us spiritual children; not praying to find a better way to bamboozle our brothers and sisters into drinking Holy Juice.

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