Unification News for September 2005

The 3rd International STF Assembly

July 26 - 31, 2005
Cheongshim Youth Center at Chung Pyung

The historic 3rd International STF Assembly 2005 came as the exciting experience of a lifetime for the 460 STF members who attended, at the Cheongshim Youth Center at Chung Pyung Lake in Korea from July 26th to 31st.

They came as representatives of STF chapters in Korea, Japan, USA, Europe and Latin America. It was a profound experience for these young brothers and sisters to discover a common heart, transcending languages and cultures, and a common longing to liberate the heart of our Heavenly Father, True Parents and True Family. All could feel a strong oneness of purpose for the 2nd Generation, to become the Owners of God's Providence.

All the STF members have been working hard fundraising, witnessing and serving with Service for Peace throughout this past year. Their hard work and efforts paid off when they could share their experiences over the past year with one another. Besides the opportunity to share testimonies, they were also able to entertain each other with well- prepared heartistic performances.

The schedule was packed with activities and opportunities to learn. Each day began with Hoon Dok Hae, followed by activities such as white water rafting, a prayer walk to Chung Pyung Training Center, sports activities, fundraising and Service For Peace activities, and inspirational talks from Shin Won-nim (Hyun Jin-nim's eldest son), Rev. Kwak, the STF directors, Akiko Ikeno and others. The days often ended with testimonies, entertainment and prayer.

Of course the highlight of the International STF Assembly was Hyun Jin Nim's speech to almost 1,300 brothers and sisters, (mostly 2nd Generation.) He seemed to feel very comfortable in the presence of STF members and shared his heart very freely. He inspired the STF members to challenge themselves more, and they responded to his challenge enthusiastically!

The following morning STF members attended Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents at Hanamdong; for many of them it was their first opportunity to meet with True Parents.

All of the activities were meant to challenge and inspire, and energize. It was an unforgettable experience for all in attendance and the only sadness experienced was when we had to part from brothers and sisters in order to return to our home countries.

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