Unification News for July 2005

Testimony of the Tour

by Scott Simond

Jim Caron and I brought two Ambassadors for Peace from Maine to New York Saturday. Several other families from Maine came with guests by bus.

One AP is State Senator Lois Snowe-Mello. She's been active with us through AFC for several years now. She went to MSG when the four saints were blessed and went to Israel twice. The other AP is a Somali Muslim, an elder in the mosque, and social worker for the City of Lewiston. A highlight for Jim and I were the conversations we had on the trip down and back. Omar was in Somalia when it was controlled by the communists for ten years. He shared many stories about that. When the Somalis came to Maine from Atlanta Ga, their sheer numbers but a lot of stress on the City of Lewiston, and a flap arose with the mayor that got national attention. The "diversity" people blew the issue out of proportion and exploited the opportunity to promote their agenda. The Somalis had never been exposed to the gay movement before, and didn't understand what was happening until later. Omar really appreciates Father's positons on communism, marriage and family issues. The senator said that when we were demonstrating during the Nixon era, she read about it and wanted to join at that time. But didn't know how.

We attended the pre-event AP conference at the New Yorker. That consisted of presentations about the Ambassador of Peace movement. Frank Kaufman made one of the presentations. Alan Inman did a good job pulling that together with only a few days advance notice. The APs went by shuttle bus to the Jacob Javits Center in the afternoon. Our bus wasn't sure which entrance to use, so it ended up circling the complex three times. Rabbi Waldron was on the bus with his shofar, so we had him blow it as we were circling the center.

Father did a magnificent job, departing from the speech several times. The John the Baptist figures all testified to him in no uncertain terms. Rabbi Waldron was the last of the three representatives of the Abramic faiths as the "elder brother". He went on a little beyond his allotted time, but he really warmed the hearts of the audience. Several times when he mentioned "Rev. Moon" he said - "may he live to be 120 - say amen". When Father spoke, he was full of power and energy, what a contrast to the departed leader of the Catholic Church and the ailing Billy Graham, who was making his last appearance in NY at the same time. Lonnie McCloud made reference to during his call to action at the end of the speech.

Besides the core content - God's design for men and women, the role of the messiah, unification of religions and Christianity etc. - Father proposed a new project: that a highway be constructed connecting North America to Russia through the Bering Straight. Several UN ambassadors were there along with IPC representatives. This looks like a project that would engage world leaders in a global project. That proposal may also get some media traction. Fox was there.

That evening we drove to Tarrytown and stayed the night at the Tarrytown House Hotel. Tarrytown House is located a stone's throw from East Garden, almost directly across the street. It used to be two private estates. It's a very nice conference facility, nice rooms, and reasonably priced. No one even knew it existed before this event! You can't see it from the street because it's set behind a hedge row and a stone fence. In fact, we drove right past it while looking for it.

The following morning, the APs gathered at East Garden for 5:00 am HDH. Dr. Yang read for about an hour about SW and Resurrection. Omar felt right at home, because our members were seated on the floor, divided between men and women. It was just a mosque, (except the men and women were side by side instead of the women in the back - my comment, not his) There were tables and chairs set along the side for VIPs. Jim and I sat there with our guests. Father commented on the content of HDH, and invited Hyung Jin Nim (A Bald Head and A Strawberry) to greet the VIPs and tell him what he's doing. He explained that he's studying religion in a Master's program at Harvard Divinity School. He has to learn 8 languages to study original texts. Father asked him to sing a song - he wanted him to sing and Elvis Presley song, but Hyung Jin said he didn't know any - his brother knew those songs. The exchange between Father and son was really precious. Father embraced all the VIPs into the heart of his family. It also became clear how broad Father's thinking is and how the next generation will develop it in professional circles. Hyung Jin Nim is going to Italy with Bishop Stallings in a couple of weeks to visit a monastery over there.

Father also talked about how the Clouds of Witnesses caused a great deal of controversy - in the spirit world. He said the saints were upset that he proclaimed that they were all following him. So he spent 43 days in SW world meeting with them one by one. He posed questions to them that they couldn't answer, but he could. Because of that, he got their support and they are now working with their followers. He also explained that God and Satan are enemies. Neither one or the other can resolve that. A mediator has to bring Satan to the point where he voluntarily surrenders to God. That person has to work with all of Satan's minions - Hitler, Stalin etc - and bring them to submission. Then, Satan will have no where to go. It's astonishing that anyone could even conceive of bringing Satan to voluntarily submit to God and grasp what that would entail. Yet, Father did it.

Anyway, I feel cleaned up and renewed. Ready for the next leg of the journey up the mountain.

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