Unification News for July 2005

Now Is God's Time - Welcome Remarks

by Dr. Chang Shik Yang
True Parents Speaking Tour, 2005

I am honored to welcome each of you today [this evening] to a truly historical event. We gather at a critical moment in our nation's history, to hear a message to America from the heart of Heaven. It is a time of uncertainty for many in this country: about our economic future; about the security of our jobs and our retirement; about the safety of our soldiers and our borders; about the future for our children. Politically, America seems as divided as it has ever been. But one thing is clear: the future of this nation is bound together with the future of the whole of humankind. And as the world's one superpower, America has an unavoidable responsibility to the world.

We gather to hear an urgent and timely message from Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who has invested 40 years of his life to awaken this nation to its God-given responsibility. God first called him to America in the era of Vietnam, Watergate, and the struggle for racial equality. He confronted the immorality, family breakdown, and racial divisions in this country head-on. His message did not make him popular, but he never hesitated to speak out. His challenge to America: to restore its founding spirit of faith, family and freedom; to become a model of interracial and interreligious harmony; to restore the sanctity of marriage, family, and parenthood; and most of all, to recognize that God has blessed America not for its own sake, but for the freedom and prosperity of all humankind.

Reverend Moon is known throughout America, but he is understood by almost no one. He has been ridiculed, investigated, imprisoned, and misrepresented in the media. But nothing could deter him from his commitment to awaken this nation. He knew that God had prepared America as the elder son amongst the family of nations. He proclaimed that this country has the responsibility to be a moral example and world leader, to alleviate the suffering and advance the freedom of the human family. He poured his heart, soul and resources into this country, and laid his reputation, family and life on the line. To all those who have misunderstood, criticized or scorned, he has returned only love. Many here tonight have witnessed Father and Mother Moon's 40 years of total investment in this nation. and can testify that it was all love; all sacrifice, and heartfelt responsibility.

The Blessed Families, clergy and Ambassadors for Peace here today [tonight] represent the fruit of that investment, and we are here to receive our mission and calling to fully revive the nation God loves. Now is the time to end the conflicts that are tearing our world apart; now is the time to rebuild our families, restore our communities, renew our nation and the world; now is the time to leave behind the history of suffering and begin a new era of peace. Now, says Father Moon, is "God's Time! Time to make the earth a Kingdom of Peace where God is Lord and sovereign; a homeland where families live in love with God's Blessing. For that mission, Father and Mother Moon have given their entire lives, and at 85, Father is more serious and urgent than ever.

Brothers and sisters, you will not find any who have loved this nation, shed tears for this nation, stayed awake nights for this nation, more than Father and Mother Moon. For their achievements throughout the world and for the lives they have changed, they have been honored as the King and Queen of Peace, the True Parents of Heaven, earth and humanity. But what they long for is that you and I stand up with them, becoming true parents ourselves. kings and queens through the quality of our lives, our families, and our love for humanity.

Let us be grateful tonight, that we are called to participate in this moment of history. Let Father and Mother Moon know that we are with them 100%. Receive the message with your whole heart, and it will become a seed of new life planted deep within, that will blossom in your family and your lineage. Most of all, let us return our love, joy and gratitude to the True Parents who have loved us first, loved this nation more than us, and loved God most of all.

May God Bless you, and may God Bless America. Thank you.

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