Unification News for July 2005

Connecting to Our World's Great Religions: Hyung Jin nim's Pilgrimage to Italy

by Dr. A. Guerra

After touching down at the Rome airport, Hyung Jin Nim was met by Mrs. Song, wife of the European continental director, and Giuseppe Cali, president of the Italian FFWPU. The leaders reported the current situation in Italy, and Hyung Jin Nim shared his advice on how best to develop a positive relationship with the Catholic Church. Right after this meeting, Hyung Jin Nim traveled south more than 400kms to a Benedictine convent where cloistered Catholic nuns pay their devotion. At the convent, Hyung Jin Nim carried on his daily routine of spiritual practice, beginning at 2:30am. Archbishop Stallings, Dr. Anthony J. Guerra, Rev Doo and Andreas from the Italian movement, who were accompanying him, also joined in the spiritual exercises.

Hyung Jin Nnim shared with his group about the preciousness of the Divine Breath, Walking with God meditation practice, and other mind-body unity practices. Hyung Jin nim also led the way in serving the sisters at the convent, initiating on the first day there a cleaning campaign of its grounds as well as of the immediate environs. This and the genuine appreciation by Hyung Jin nim and the four other brothers impressed deeply the sisters. At the end of his stay, Hyung Jin Nim gave a present of a video to the sisters that showed their daily devotion and life as well as the beauty of the buildings and grounds. Hyung Jin Nim instructed that this video have no footage of himself or the other members of his entourage (unlike the video on this website) as its purpose was to show the value of their good religious life and be a selfless offering from our group.

On the last evening of this pilgrimage, Hyung Jin Nim stayed at the Italian FFWPU headquarters and the next morning led Hoon Dok Hae, including a reading of Aboinm's recent 4-city America tour speech and shared with the members about the purpose of his journey to Italy as well as other planned pilgrimages to Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and Protestant sites. Hyung Jin Nim also spent about one hour answering questions from eager Italian Family members.

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