Unification News for July 2005

Happy Birthday, America

Michael Jenkins

July 4, we as Americans gathered to celebrate and give reverence to those who courageously signed the Declaration of Independence. This day became America's Independence Day as it was the declaration of the break with oppression and the calling for a new nation that would secure the rights of man that were endowed by God.

It is well documented that the signers of the declaration suffered greatly - many would sacrifice their lives for this commitment. On this day we thank God for creating and preserving America and we honor the signers and patriots who secured the foundation of our liberty. We offer our gratitude to all the generations of patriots and saints who came after them fighting to preserve America and fighting the evil of immorality, racism and injustice within this nation and throughout the world. This is a day when we thank God and all those who sacrificed that this great nation could stand as the lighthouse to the world for Peace, reconciliation and harmony among all peoples, races, nations and religions.

In the Declaration of Independence our founding principles were carved in stone and became the basis upon which President Abraham Lincoln and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could call upon this nation and its people to correct and hold true to its course for goodness. America stands as God's hope and leader for reconciliation and peace because God instilled in her founding Principles that become the essential basis for equality, freedom and justice. The Declaration reads, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

To secure this commitment and set the condition that heaven would move to support this effort a pledge was made by the signers - an absolute pledge.

"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

With reliance on Divine Providence and total commitment to give their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, people of faith and character have always determined the direction of God's nation. So it is today on July 4th, 2005. People of faith and great character are now rising up to set the same condition to "create" a new America as was set in 1776. They are the central religious leaders, Ambassadors for Peace and Blessed Couples who have been "picked" by God to determine the direction for America. The Four City Tour demonstrated that the central leaders chosen by history to stand with the Providence at this time, once again courageously fulfilled the covenant that was required.

The background of the covenant and "testimony" of key leaders at this time goes back three years ago to Independence Day 2002 in Washington, D.C. Clear conditions have been set and continue to be tested that have secured the internal foundation for America to stand as God's nation. Those conditions are connected with the fourth of July.

On July 4th 2002 Father Moon proclaimed that this day was not only America's Independence Day but also, God's Independence Day. This came on the foundation of the 144,000 blessing of Christian clergy (144,000 took the Holy Wine - sealed through the blessing of 1200 representative clergy couples on April 27, 2002 in Washington D.C. ) and the subsequent "second generation clergy" blessing on July 3rd of that year. Because the engrafting and blessing of the Second Israel was secure God could be liberated and his "Independence Day" proclaimed.

We do not fully comprehend the significance of the "engrafting" conditions that occurred through these blessings. We do know that on March 1, 2002 in Hawaii just before the 5 am pledge service that Father Moon was awakened with a feeling of grave urgency. He received a special message from heaven that 144,000 representing Christianity must make the condition of engrafting through the Holy Wine.Without this, Christianity and America could be lost. He received that it could reverse the failure of Christianities' rejection of the Lord after World War II.

The American movement, with the help of the Japanese Missionaries and National Messiahs from Korea, went to all 50 states and by April 20th had given the holy wine to 144,000 clergy. Then the blessing was sealed by True Parents on April 27th. This created a Foundation of Substance between the chosen people or the "second Israel" and the returning Lord and also secured the internal foundation for America. (Certainly we can see that when the Pharisees rejected Jesus, the internal condition to secure Israel was lost and just 70 years latter the nation of Israel, which had lasted for 2000 years, was scattered to the four winds. The internal condition is essential.) Through the 144,000 clergy blessing and the subsequent second generation blessing. The Second Israel restored the failure of the first Israel being able to offer representative support from "chosen" representatives of Christianity to engraft into the True Olive Tree through the Holy Wine ceremony. It was through this process that the Second Israel of America became internally secure and strong. It was also through this process that the Second Israel could be sent to Holyland to restore the First Israel.

Why, was it God's Independence Day? Because the chosen people who rejected Jesus 2000 years earlier had now been recreated through Christianity as a "new" chosen people and now instead of rejecting the True Parent, who was commissioned by Jesus and anointed by God, this time they set the condition of accepting him and his bride. To "seal" this historic foundation a test would come from the testimonies of the saints called the "Clouds of Witnesses." Father Moon made it clear that this wasn't his personal teaching; but that he confirmed its validity and that it did come from the saints. It was now our responsibility to discern it. This became the instrument of "Judgment" in the last days to separate the sheep from the goats.

On July 4th after the 144,000 and Second generation clergy couples blessing a great celebration was held with True Parents and many of the clergy in Washington. We didn't know that during this celebration the next test would be launched. In that morning celebration I was asked to read this new document, "The Clouds of Witnesses" that was received in Korea.

The "Clouds of Witnesses" document was published in the Washington Times and subsequently the major newspaper in each of the 50 states. At first there were some mild rumblings and signs of trouble as paper after paper published the content of the revelations which boldly proclaimed from Heaven that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah, Savior and returning Lord. However, as the news spread more and more it created an incredible trial for those very Christian leaders who were strongly advocating Father Moon's role in history and the power of the Blessing of Marriage. Whole congregations turned against their pastors and huge numbers of pastors, who just weeks before, were boldly proclaiming the "anointing" of the "messiah" on the stage and throughout America, now proclaimed that they "never knew him."

Many, many fell away. However out of that pruning process emerged a body of religious leaders that overcame the "trial". Bishop C.Phillip Johnson, Archbishop G. Augustus Stallings and Rev. Jesse Edwards rose to the challenge and made a covenant in a meeting with Dr. Yang and I at the Sheraton in late July, 2002. They said, it is either true and we have to proclaim it or it is false and we have to fight it. One by one these three men of God proclaimed that the revelations were true and they would stand with the coming Lord. They were confident that Jesus had confirmed this in their hearts. They said, "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24: 15. They shed their fears and history went a different direction. Slowly the ACLC rebuilt the foundation based on these three pastors. Now on the Four City Tour three years latter, the last of the thousands clergy that left has returned !!! The foundation of substance is absolute. The judgments of the Lord are true and Righteous altogether.

Strengthening the resolve of the clergy after the "Clouds of Witnesses" could only be found through the Divine Principle conferences in Ocean City. Then, I could see, a new Christianity arose, one that is standing clearly with the lineage of heaven. A new day has dawned a new springtime has emerged. Now three years latter, on the four city tour we could see more and more key clergy including Rabbis and Imams "grafting" into the Kingdom of Heaven we could confirm that this foundation is rapidly expanding. Again, it was a most beautiful sight to see that one of the strongest opponents of the "Clouds" proclamation came back and once again became a leader of ACLC in Chicago. Bishop Kim continued to love the clergy that left. Eventually their hearts could open to a new dispensation. With love and patience eventually the fear dissipates all can come to understand.

On the foundation of this historic July 4th Independence Day for God we also saw the clergy take down their crosses and build a significant and central peace movement in Israel. They, together with Rabbis and Imams in the Holyland in May, 2003, created the Jerusalem Declaration which led to the unity of the first, second and third Israel(Korea). On August 20, 2003 the Fourth Israel was established calling forth a new "chosen" people that had "engrafted" into the Kingdom of God through another covenant of taking the Holy Wine. This Fourth Israel is composed of all faiths and peoples who have been "grafted" into the True Olive Tree.

On this basis, in 2004 ten thousand Ambassadors for Peace from all continents could then come to the Holyland and witness the reconciliation of Christians, Muslims and Jews. Yes, as it has been here, it is very stormy in the Holyland. God's providence is never smooth however the key conditions always reside with a small number of people who "represent" whole religions, races and nations just as John the Baptist and Moses as individuals represented all of Israel. As John or Moses went so did the nation. This time however the John the Baptists are unshakable.

Therefore the "representatives" we see standing on the stage with True Parents may not "appear" to be the most famous Christians, Rabbis or Imams in the eyes of the world, but we know that what matters is who they are in the eyes of God. It matters who has been chosen by God. (Rabbis have shared with me in Israel that John the Baptist was not known or important in Rabbinical circles at that time, and wasn't it David who was laughed at when Samuel came to Jesse's house to anoint the future King? 1 Samuel 16:7 - "But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; .. for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart." ).

These representatives who have the "heart" that God is seeking make the "conditions" that determine the destiny of nations and peoples. That's why God could rejoice on July 4th as his Independence Day because the "representatives" that God identified, successfully grafted into the True Olive Tree. The rejoicing expanded as they passed the judgment of the "Clouds of Witnesses" and then became the vanguard of God's dispensation to reconcile the first and second Israel. The forth Israel formed and on that basis the Abel UN was created to lead the way to the Peace Kingdom. As representatives of the forth Israel and the Abel UN we marched with the faiths of Jerusalem and secured the foundation upon which Jesus was crowned as the King of Israel on December 22, 2003. This removed the curses of history and laid the foundation for complete reconciliation between Christians, Muslims and Jews and Palestinians and Israelis. On February 4th this was brought to America and Jesus received his crown on the world level. This was then the basis for the establishment of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace.

The ten thousand Ambassadors for Peace that came from each continent of the world to the Holyland ( members of parliament, professors, Non governmental organization leaders, youth, women and religious leaders) could be transformed through a "supra-religious" experience - that is an experience with God and his Scriptural principles in action, while going beyond the boundaries and walls of denominations and religions. Therefore they experienced the "Culture Of Heart".

This "Culture of Heart" experience is bringing an incredible transformation both in heaven and on earth. The "Culture of Heart" is based on the love that develops in our blessed families and when such True love is extended to all so that we all become "one family under one God.". I have witnessed hardened journalists as well as tough, old and stubborn professors who were agnostic at best (generous description) become outspoken "preachers" for the importance of the spiritual dimensions required for Peace in addition to the pragmatic and secular dimensions. I have seen these hardened individuals take the stage and in both the written and spoken word profess the coming of a New Kingdom, one that is not political, but one that is based on the Culture of the Heart.

The Peace Kingdom.

They are becoming Ambassadors for Peace representing God himself. Not through emotion, but through logic, principle and then practical experience leading to Heart - as they witness that power of the Peace Kingdom in bringing reconciliation in the worlds central vortex of the tensions between the Abrahamic family. The Ambassadors for Peace are now bringing their nations in alignment with the Culture of Heart and the Peace Kingdom. One in which war will no longer be used in an attempt to resolve the conflicts between peoples but rather a Kingdom in which we will sacrifice and live for the sake of others in such a way that even our worst enemy can become our best friend.

America is in the prime and central role. The Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace who joined the Four City Tour and stood with True Parents did so with a profound resolve in their hearts for the Kingdom that is multiplying exponentially. The warm heart and welcome in the Four City Tour from America and the expansion of the foundation of substance by the clergy and Ambassadors for Peace lifts America up to another level of spiritual power to fulfill her destiny. Now America is ready to stand as the nation "chosen" to lead the nations of the world into the Peace Kingdom.

Now the Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace are uniting in Principle and Heart to realize that Now is God's Time. The Kingdom is coming like a rushing mighty wind. We are now assembling the great American business leaders and Philanthropists and the Civic and Community leaders throughout this nation so that they might understand the power of this hour.

We sincerely thank God and all the saints of heaven and especially the American patriots from the past and the present who currently stand to made the supreme sacrifice to "secure" America so that this great nation could secure with love and by peaceful means the "Peace Kingdom". A Kingdom for all faiths and all peoples.

"Respected Leaders of the United States, we are now entering a glorious age. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth, God's ideal of creation, is being established before your eyes. This is the Peace Kingdom... I have come as the True Parent of humankind, with God's anointing, and I am determined to keep my promise to Him to create a united world of peace. As the power of Heaven sweeps down upon the earth.. Heaven is summoning brave generals who will turn this world of evil upside down and establish a new heaven and a new earth." "God's Peace Kingdom is the Eternal Homeland for all Blessed Families" June 25 - 28, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon . (Delivered during the Now is God's Time !!! - North American Four City Peace Tour)

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