Unification News for June 2005

Ambassador for Peace Award Ceremony, Cameroon

by Mike Lamson

The March 26th 2005 award ceremony, in Yaounde, Cameroon, and international seminar on the theme: "The World at a Turning Point; Innovative Approaches to Peace" was a major event which brought together very important personalities within the government, the private sector and the civil society. Present among the recipients was the Minister of State In Charge of Planification and Programming for Territorial Reorganisation, Dr.Chemuta Divine Banda the President of the National Human Rights and Freedom Commission in Cameroon, Dr. Nwana Bernard Secretary General of the Chamber of Agriculture in Cameroon, Mr. Akale Henry, a financial consultant with many international banks, Chief Fomenky of the Prime Ministers Office, Commissioner of Police Mrs. Fouego Esther, and many others from the military, government, religious and educational institutions.

The program opened with an invocation offered by H.E. Pierre Tang of the Byzantine Catholic Church in Cameroon, followed by the opening address given by the IIFWP Cameroon Secretary General Mr. Pius Mbu Manchang. Special thanks were given to the Ambassadors for Peace who helped to sponsor the event.

The Chairman of IIFWP Cameroon, the Hon. Francis Nkwain presented the main speech on the theme "The World at a Turning Point" which referenced Rev. Kwak's speech from 2001. He shared his appreciation for all the efforts the founders, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, have made over the years to build a world of peace and proudly concluded that they were the ones who honored him with the title of Ambassador for Peace. His points were very profound and inspiring to the participants as he feels that the founders are like his parents.

The next speaker was Mr. Siakam Tchamo an Ambassador for Peace and a prominent entrepreneur in Cameroon, who attended the last conference in Korea and in the United States. He presented his paper on the topic: "The Root Cause of Social Problems", in which he used the founder's speeches for reference materials. The audience profoundly appreciated this presentation and copies of the speech were distributed to the participants.

Another key speaker was Rev. George Sabastien who impressed the audience with his elaboration on the relationship between the spiritual and the physical worlds and the principle of give and take action. His presentation was very deep and inspired many.

Another important presentation was that of Mr. Samuel Ndiwane, an Ambassador for Peace, on the topic "Good Governance and Leadership". He emphasized, that the key to Good Governance was to live for the sake of others.

The next topic to be presented was the "Principle and Practice for Peace," within which the mission of Ambassadors for Peace was clearly spelled out. This was presented by Mr. Pius Mbu Manchang the S.G. of IIFWP Cameroon. After this the floor was turned over to Ambassadors for Peace who had had the opportunity to participate in programs in either the USA or Korea. Mrs.Ramilie Kamga was the first speak and she shared her experience in various domains particularly in the area of street children and their rehabilitation and economic empowerment. She expressed that the unity of clergy leadership was the brain behind President Bush's election, and that if the religious communities around the world united to support the IIPC, The UN could be restructured in the months ahead. The next speaker was Mr. Englebert from Austria who presented some activities of the Ambassadors for Peace in various disciplines and also encouraged the new Ambassadors for Peace to stand firm to their mission. H.E. Pierre Tang of the Byzantine Catholic Church shared about his recent trip in Korea where he was invited to participate in the Leadership and Good Governance Conference and the founder's Birthday Celebrations. His testimonies created so much excitement, particular his mention of the peace initiative in Israel.

After this came the long awaited Award Ceremony. The Minister of State, Mr. Augustin Frederick Koock had the distinguished honor of presenting the certificates to all the new Ambassadors for Peace who were present for the ceremony, he presented 28 certificates. After the award ceremony the minister presented a speech on his experience with God and Spirit World. He went on to encourage the recipients to prove themselves to the world because the world and God would bear witness to their pledge to be Ambassadors for Peace.

Following the award ceremony a video presentation on the founder's activities around the world was shown. Much of the focus was on the work of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) and We Will Stand materials. The program helped all the participants understand the founder's vision and mission.

The Chairman of IIFWP Cameroon, Hon. Nkwain thanked the Minister for his remarks and went on to request from the recipients their commitment to establish peace from the level of the individual, family, nation and world. He further said this award was not given just to decorate a wall or a shelf but that it was a call to participate in the establishment of God's Kingship on earth as proclaim by the founders.

After the Chairman's speech some recipients were asked to express how they felt. Dr. Banda expressed total satisfaction and said he feels the award is recognition from God and at the same time a call for him to continue to serve people. He sincerely thanked the Secretary General Mr. Pius Mbu Manchang who continually encouraged him, and the entire IIFWP Cameroon staff for their commitment towards world peace. Next to give his remarks was Dr. Nwana Bernard, the Secretary General of the Chamber of Agriculture, who declared that this is one of the most remarkable moments in his life and that he "can not find words easily to express my satisfaction." He expressed his appreciation for the commitment of the Minister (who is his boss,) to the programs of IIFWP and IIFWP Cameroon, and ended by thanking sincerely the office of IIFWP Cameroon and all the speakers for their brilliant exposition. Next was Commissioner of Police Mrs. Fouego Ester who told of her lack of words to express her gratitude. She simply gave thanks to God and the organizers for this recognition, which calls on her to be more careful in her interaction with others.

The national leader Mrs. Lau Asong closed the program in which she called on all to participate in the World Peace Marriage Rededication Blessing and reminded all about the urgent need to establish family centered on GOD in the nation of Cameroon.

The ceremony ended with a group picture of all the recipients followed by refreshments, which were organize by the President of the Wives Association, Mrs. Grace Mbu Manchang with the assistance of other volunteers.

In all we had about 427 participants and, as seems to be the norm now, the hall became very small and some people could not enter. This was partly due to the fact that many award recipients came along with family members who presented them flowers of congratulations.

The ceremony received high media coverage as the both private and public media houses responded to our invitation to cover the event and it was shown on all major TV networks, the National Radio and major newspapers. The media present were: Canal II, CRTV, THE POST,SKY RADIO, MAGIC FM, RADIO SIATOU, CANAL LIBRE NOUVELLE EXPRESSION, J'INFORME, THE GUARDIAN POST and others.

The ceremony was very successful in all aspects.

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