Unification News for May 2005

Religious Leaders gather in Toronto for IIFWP mini-forum

by Rev. Mitch Dixon

By the invitation of Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Chae Hee Lee, more than thirty religious leaders from over 12 different faith groups, among them Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Scientology, gathered at the Lees' home in Toronto, Friday night, April 29, Toronto, for a mini forum and dinner.

The international dinner was plentiful, with vegetarian, fish, sushi, and beef entrees prepared by Mrs. Lee and 4 Japanese missionaries, two of whom flew into Toronto just for this event. The mood of the evening was very pleasant with many feeling good about what they were experiencing.

Rev. Mitch Dixon was the MC for the program. Dr. Hoosein Auckbaraullee spoke about the peacekeeping efforts of the IIFWP in the Middle East and the upcoming schedule to continue these gatherings in Toronto. A video was shown regarding the Middle East Peace Initiative. This was an eye opener to many while moving their hearts. Several participants shared their insights with the group. Three of these caught my attention as I regarded them as an unexpected testimony to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's efforts for world peace.

Imam Abdul Hai Patel said he works with many groups, many of whom just talk, but he sees in this group an effort towards peace that goes farther than the others by bringing so many diversities together into the heart of where the conflict lies.

Dr. Mobarak Ali, Imam and Director of the Etobicoke Muslim Community Organization, said that he first encountered Rev. Moon through the work of CAUSA in the early 1980s. He felt that the Afghanistan peoples' resistance of the Soviet invasion there and the persistent work of Rev. Moon through CAUSA were destructive blows to atheistic Communism. He now sees a parallel effort behind Rev. Moon's persistent peace initiative that he feels may very well establish the peace we are seeking.

Rev. Maria Luisa F. Yahin, President of the Bride of Jesus Christ Ministries, said she has been studying parts of the Divine Principle. She said it spoke to her spirit and greatly uplifted her. She testified to others about it. She was warned by other Christians not to go near us as she would lose her soul. In dilemma, she prayed to God, asking him what to do. He told her that Rev. Moon is the messiah. She said she was not imagining this, but it was a real experience with God. She said she felt good to be at this meeting. The forum concluded with the reading of the recent Jordan Declaration. Participants were asked to sign if they agreed with the statement. The spirit I felt at this gathering gives me more than hope but real belief that the Peace Kingdom is at hand. .

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