Unification News for May 2005

National Level Ministries of the BFD

Many issues and circumstances of Blessed Families are common throughout our membership, but they do not lend themselves to being handled region by region. These areas have been identified and the BFD has created many National Level Ministries as resources for helping and supporting all the regions and all the membership and families. The current list of ministries is below but we expect that more may be developed in the future.

Each ministry is centered around one person or one couple that is a precious volunteer called by God. These brothers and sisters have come forward and believe that God has called them to serve through a personal calling in a particular area. They have special gifts in that area, advanced training or education, or particular spiritual victories in their lives that allow them be very helpful and supportive to others facing similar challenges.

Contacting National Coordinators

All Regional Directors, Vice-Regional Directors, State Leaders, and members are sincerely encouraged to contact these National Coordinators of BFD Ministries DIRECTLY. You do not need to contact the BFD office first. At all times the complete list can be found on the BFD website which is located at: http://www.familyfed.org/bfd .

A. Contact Ministry leaders directly.

Contact information will be located on the BFD website. Leaders and members may telephone or email directly to the National Coordinators. If possible, please ask members to also contact the BFD Representative for their Region.

B. Organize meetings and workshops in your region.

Plan local meetings and workshops to help and support your members. Invite the National Coordinators to come and share with members. This can bring new hope and God's inspiration to many and it will get members together working on common concerns and taking ownership. (Because the Nat'l Coordinators are volunteers, we ask that you help with their travel expenses and accommodations.)

C. Visit the website often for new developments.

New ministries will be added and each ministry will over time be posting useful and valuable information. The more you are familiar with these resources, the better to help others.

List of National Ministries

Adoption and Childless Couples: Mrs. Claire Bowles ( 918-425-7163, jcbowles@sbcglobal.net ) and Mrs. Rachel Carter (cell: 202-345-4888, rachel@FamilyFed.org )

This ministry is for Blessed Couples experiencing the heartbreak of not being able to conceive a child. It includes all related areas of adoptions and offering.

Ascended Families Support: Mrs. Edy Iversen (386-439-0903, Iversen2@aol.com )

This ministry is for those members who have lost a spouse or a child. They have lots of plans and ideas for supporting each other, sharing testimonies, keeping everyone informed of relevant developments.

Adult Singles: Ms. Debbie Scott ( 410-956-7170, sunshinefoundation@iglide.net ) and others to be named.

This ministry is newly started and will be for supporting members who are divorced or separated and dealing with all related areas.

Children with Special Needs: Yoshi and Fran Ichijo (301-482-0070, Ichijoy@aol.com ).

This ministry is for parents and families that have Special Needs children and will assist with guidance, resources, and support for raising their children and eventually matching and Blessing them.

Coaching: Mrs. H. Wiemann, Mrs. Pam Stein, and others to be named.

This ministry is newly started and will be for supporting members who seek professional assistance and support in the counseling and life change areas.

Counseling: Mrs. Betsy Jones and others to be named.

This ministry is newly started and will be for supporting members who seek professional assistance and support in the counseling and life change areas.

Marriage Support and Enrichment: Mrs Debbie Preece ( 256-519-7100, preeced@comcast.net ) and others

This ministry helps couples improve their relationship as husband and wife through educational materials and support networking.

Mentoring Second Gen Couples: Mrs. Joni Choi (jonichoi@yahoo.com ) and Mr. Alan Saunders ( cell: 917-822-8524, saunders@iifwp.org )

This ministry is being launched and will be involved in supporting and providing mentoring and older mentor couples for young Blessed Couples.

Matching Websites for First and Second Gen: Mr. Jim Stephens (410-997-6450, jimstephens5@comcast.net )

This ministry is two websites for supporting candidates for matching with photos and profiles and huge amounts of supporting information.

Prayer Ministry: Mrs. Angelika Selle ( 301-809-1965, bobangelika@yahoo.com )

This ministry is for Prayer education and support, prayer conference calls, prayer request lines, and much more, all to do with developing and strengthening each member's individual and collective prayer life.

Second Gen Matching Support Ministry: Mrs. Yasuko Takahashi ( 914-332-0627, ktaka10591@aol.com)

The Blessed Family Department, USA, has now established another national ministry. This will be called the "Matching Support Ministry for Second Generation".

Our National Coordinator will be Mrs. Yasuko Takahashi and the ministry will be centered out of Belvedere in Tarrytown, NY. This ministry will collect information on all available BC candidates for matching and maintain confidential files and binders of the pictures and applications.

This ministry is now established and can receive applications and pictures for any Second Generation Blessing candidates who plan to be matched by their own parents.

This ministry is gathering information and pictures of all Second Gen. candidates for matching by their own parents. It is assisting parents through showing photo albums that can travel around the country.

Seung Hwa and Won Jeon Ministry: Mr. William Selig. ( 301-942-3385, SCWPeace@aol.com )

This ministry focuses on supporting families when a loved one passes away with advice and help with Seung Hwa and burial arrangements, information on ceremonies, spirit world, and other important information.

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