Unification News for May 2005

Second Generation Regional Level Workshops

This is the information on the regional-level workshops that have been reported to the Second Generation Department. We are still gathering more information; and we would like to ask all Second Generation educators to send workshop information to the Second Generation Department. Takamitsu Sakuwa is the contact person. Please email to sakuwa@worldcarp.org.

Furthermore, if you are not planning to have any workshops in your region in this summer, be sure to inform all Blessed Families of the workshops available to them, so they may send their children to a nearby region which will be having a summer workshop. We ask for your support and communication so we may provide inspirational and educational programs, centered on True Parents and Hyun Jin Nim, for our Second Generation brothers and sisters.

In addition, please be advised that only a Jr. STF educator's workshop will be held this summer, instead of the Jr. STF member's workshop that was held last year. We will announce the Jr. STF educator's Workshop schedule later.

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