Unification News for April 2005

ACLC Prayer Breakfast, Winston-Salem, NC

by Rev. Burgi Hutcherson

April 5, we had our monthly ACLC Prayer breakfast at the CRT Christian Farm in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We were a total of 10 attendees: 4 religious leaders and 6 FFWPU participants.

Evangelist Cynthia Hill volunteered to host the event this time. That was a great move on her part to actively participate in the inviting and preparing for an event. She faced a lot of persecution, she said, but she felt determined more than ever to go forward even though not all the guests who had promised to come actually came. I felt she had a particularly bright and youthful spirit. It showed me that the Lord will keep us well as we do his will.

I opened the gathering with an introduction to the history and statement of purpose of ACLC. It was especially valuable for our newcomer: Sashi Hutcherson Ð my husband's relative. Then Evangelist Cynthia Hill gave words of welcome. Bishop Willie Davis, Jr. our ACLC Cochairman of North Carolina, gave the invocation.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared by Evangelist Cynthia Hill, Ingeborg Nakahira, and Sun Niles, both sisters of the Triad Family Church of Peace. Sun Niles also shared a beautiful song for everyone in the Korean language. Her beautiful voice touched the hearts of the ministers.

Following this musical presentation, Rev. John Pace, AFC North Carolina, gave a wonderful PowerPoint presentation: "Faith Leadership in our Fractured World." It was very meaningful for all, even for those of us who had already seen it. Rev. Rozier had a powerful message prepared and he poured his whole heart out to the ministers. He spoke about the unity of Christianity. Bishop Davis, J,r. expressed his gratitude and inspiration for both presenters. Then I gave the announcements and Bishop O. D. Legrant, Pastor of the Progressive Apostolic Church, gave the closing prayer.

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