Unification News for March 2005

Interreligious Prayer Breakfast in Germany

by Annick Schnapp and Werner Fehlberg

In the last weeks we prepared the first interreligious prayer breakfast for the region of Duesseldorf and invited some ministers, peace Ambassadors and religious- thinking, open hearted people to our home in Korschenbroich. A quite interesting mixture of guests: a black Christian minister from Eindhoven (Holland), who was converted from Islam to Christianity, a Jehovah's Witness, a Peace Ambassador from Duesseldorf, a lady and a man from Duisburg, our minister Makoto Noguchi and naturally some members of our movement were present. After greetings and a prayer, we sat together and introduced ourselves briefly to each other. Then there was a plentifully set table with a nice breakfast.

We began a lively round of talks. Next we sat together on the couch and heard a beautiful song from the well-known singer Chey, from her last CD: "People Need the Lord". Subsequently, we read out loud Father's speech from 8 May 2001 in Harlem, that it is very painful for God to watch how humanity develops, because of barriers between us, which are in the long run a big obstacle on the way to Heaven. We could see clearly Father's strategy to create peace in the Middle East in the DVD: "Statement of Heart to Heart" by the Middle East Peace initiative (MEPI). The following discussion showed things we have in common. Differences in the religious ways of thinking and traditions became clearly visible. That is not a problem if people from different religions and/or denominations have different points of wiew.

The relationship of individuals with God is as different as their faces. It is important to present in a respectful way different aspects so that we can learn from each other and the discussion remains interesting. And that is the purpose of each interreligious dialogue. In addition, our interreligious prayer breakfast was a golden opportunity and a good start.

We would like to offer this interreligious prayer breakfast from now on regularly, in accordance with the slogan: Things that are already successful in the USA cannot be bad for Germany. In conclusion we stood up, held each other by the hand, and prayed for peace and the establishment of the heavenly kingdom of God, starting from us, as Jesus Christ taught us two thousand years ago.

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