Unification News for February 2005

STF Korea: Visit to Yeosu with True Parent

Sun Myung Moon

On January 10th, STF Korea was invited to Hannamdong to attend HDH with our True Parents. The HDH content was from the ChunSungKyun (Chun-il gook Bible) and was about the "the life of attendance."

True Father said to please remember this content and that you must obey it. He also emphasized about tithing 1/10, purity, pure blood lineage, and pure love. This HDH finish a little after nine am. He asked the STF members to stand up who had a birthday within the last week and invited them and the STF staff to travel to Yeosu with him.

The representatives headed towards Yeosu riding with True Father in his private helicopter. Later, we heard that True Mother had gone by car to Yeosu so that her seat could be given to a STF member. When we heard about this we felt the great love and expectation that True Parents have for the 2nd generation. We felt sorry for her sacrifice but grateful for her love.

True Father followed by STF representatives were greeted by 116 Japanese wives (of Koreans) who were attending a 40day sea providence workshop. After the greeting, we boarded the helicopter again to see the sights from the sky. We flew over nearby islands and the city of Yeosu The beauty of Yeosu is absolutely breath-taking, undisturbed and unpolluted it felt like we were looking down at the Garden of Eden. How God must have lamented that man fell away and could not properly enjoy or take care of his gift of creation.

After dinner we gathered for evening HDH. At that time leaders of various organizations reported to Father. As we listened to the victorious reports we felt that Father's words "The world will attend us" is soon to be accomplished. We realized that this special gift of being with True Parents is not only for us but also for Cain. The leader of Korean STF, Mr. Yoon, upon Father's request, gave his impression from the helicopters ride, and testified to Hyun Jin Nim's education of 2nd generation through STF testimonies. These 2nd generation testimonies were about 2nd generation who challenged themselves to become like God and True Parent through working on the front line doing fundraising and witnessing activities. Mr. Yoon conveyed a testimony from a STF graduate's parents. When the parents asked their son if he would accept an international blessing he replied "Of course, anyone is ok, as long as it is a girl" The parents were very impressed with his answer and asked the STF staff what kind of contents they were teaching. True Parents were also very happy with this testimony. True Parents are very concerned about the 2nd generation's life of faith and he was very pleased that the 2nd generation are rising up and taken responsibility and inheriting the course of the first generation.

The next morning for HDH the content again was from Chungsungkyung (chun-il-gook Bible)-the way of a church member and practicing courtesy. After HDH, True Father and the STF representative went to inspect the industrial complex in Chignon.

True Father inspected the factory complex, and he got a report and commented each on report. As he concerned about staff's safety he instructed to factory manager to take the proper precautions so that nobody gets hurt. One of the appliances being produced is an electronic health machine that applies the principle of creation, called Happy Health. At that time I felt everything that True Father does is motivation by true love. He manages his businesses with the same amount of love and concern as the church communities and organization.

On the industrial complex, True Father gave continuous love to us. He said to the 2nd generation "From now on it is you turn. Study hard and prepare your agility." Father asked everyone who was not blessed to raise his/her hand, and then instructed everyone who was not blesses yet to apply for the next blessing, in February. Father told Mr. Yoon to "make a special generation which have an absolute love standard" he also said "you have a big responsibility to thoroughly establish an absolute standard between man and woman. Don't even shake hands. Push them to go in the right direction" So we were reminded again with his word, and we a new determination to establish a Heavenly world by creating ideal families..

After inspecting the factory, we turn back to Yeosu and had dinner, Father suggested that the guest enjoy some time sightseeing. SaDo is composed of four islands which are located in on area within sight off the shore of Yeosu.

The islands are beautiful and untouched by humans. Dinosaur footprints can be found embedded in the rock. We had to be careful to not leave a minus we felt gratitude to God for this piece of paradise.

At night we ate sushi. We could feel not only the love of True Parents, but also the the love of the Japanese members who cooked for us. A leader gave us a talk. He said that True Parents gave to you love and many expectations. Though you are still young you need to return that love to True Parents not 2 or 3 times but 10 times. After we heard these words we sat in silence contemplating are position as 2nd generation. From now on we'll attend True Parent by separating good and evil within ourselves and making a new determination to follow God's will no matter what we need to sacrifice in the process.

We had HDH meeting that night. Father stressed that man's portion of responsibility is a very precious thing, and he explained that this is for the accomplishment of the purpose of creation and inheriting Father's work. He said people in spirit world have a portion of responsibility and that the higher spiritual world has a heavier burden of responsibility. So let's fulfill our portion of responsibility and return back to True Parents the love that we've been given.

1/13 4:40 am, Location: the living room in the Gardenof Chunghae already full of family members. True Parent came up with Sin-Joon(son of Hyung Jin Nim) with a big smile on their faces. Their Appearance was so beautiful and that moment with SinJoon. The true Parent as the Messiah of humankind, The Savior of humankind, The True Parent of Humankind, has been to love Cain before his family. They really wanted to give love to their children but they couldn't. Also the True Children want to receive their love but they got few opportunities. From now on we'll become trusted 2nd generation in order to comfort the true family.

This morning the HDH words were about the sin and restoration of indemnification read from the ChunSungKyung. True Father stressed World peace will be realized by True Parent and that we must accomplish the original ideal family and world. In addition that ideal must be an international family. World peace will come about through the international Blessings. Father spoke to the Japanese wives ( blessed with Koreans) who have walked the way of absolute obedience and overcome the difference of culture. He told them that "God will remember your hard life even if you forgot." Father added if you perserver for 10, 20, 50 years. God will have no choice but to pour his blessings upon you. After HDH, True Father asked Jung-won Ju to give a testimony. In her childhood, she prayed that she could attend the True Parents. When she grew up she received an international blessing with the escort section chief of East Garden. In addition she talked about the pain of not being able to take care of her family because of her devotion to true parent.

She finished with a tear of thanks to her great husband and True Parent. Many Japanese wives cried after hearing her testimony. As representative we need to have absolute obedience before talking absolute love and absolute faith.

After HDH, True Father asked us "Do you want to ride a helicopter or a boat? Do you want to stay more?" We declined the helicopter ride because we knew it was a busy time in the providences and there were leaders who could go with Father if we didn't and help him more. so we asked to go fishing.

Before we went out Father told us that we must catch a least one fish as big as our hand and if we wanted to eat we need to catch a minimum of 3. Catching fish is the winter is not easy. The members of the 40day workshop had been out on the boats but have not caught single fish, however we were still determine to fulfill our responsibility. We needed to catch at least 3 fish to fulfill a condition for the number 3.

Speeding through the water a feeling the icy wind blowing in our faces we felt immense strength that our True Parents possess. We were riding in True Parents boat. We felt loved by True Parents to have the privilege to sit in the seats that True Parents have sat in and to cast our fishing rods where True Parents stood to cast their rods.

In the winters, it is terribly cold at Sea. Our clothes soon got wet and the wind was strong. We soon lost all feeling in our feet and hands. We dropped anchor and our fishing lines. We tried again and again but couldn't catch a single fish.

The physical body was getting colder and there were some members with nausea. Instead of heading back because of the harsh weather the captain had everyone eat and begin again. Some of the member which had vomited couldn't eat a meal, but thinking about True Parent the senior member of STF who have been trained by a harsh program, put the food in the mouth right after vomiting. If we didn't eat anything we couldn't fish well. We had a responsibility to catch fish. We have to turn back before the sunset, if the sun set, the possibility of danger doubles so our time was limited, and an accident happened. Somehow the anchor disconnected from the boat. It is very hard to catch fish in a moving boat. The captain said that this was the first time this type of accident happened, and that we'd better to go back for safety; however, the representatives had ardent passion. We cannot go back to see a True Parents without fish. Finally the captain understood our hearts and found a safe place for us to cast out our fishing rods. The time was 3 pm

We had only 1 hour and a half left. Using a fish worm and we made a krill fishing for a porgy, anyway we caught a fish!! "Oh! I got it" a shout of president Yoon. It was mackerel! First catch was turned loose for God's offering. From that time a school of mackerel swam past. We changed the hook in a hurry. We caught many mackerels.

At that time we only had 1 hour. We don't have time! Representatives concentrated on their fishing mission in the cold and ignoring the pain. Finally representative could turn back having caught 100 fish. We missed True Parent warm love while we were fishing in the cold. The hard life of a fisherman that we walked for one day True Parents have lived that kind of hard life everyday. So we finished a three day exposure with True Parent. Actually we heard True Parent eat a raw fish asking "What kind of fish? It's delicious" after that we turn back to Seoul with happy grateful hearts.

It was a great honor for STF to have representative attend True Parents. Father is advancing the providence; though we can not understand all the workings by following Father we are building the eternal kingdom of God on Earth

Each one of us realized that the blessings we received from True Parent was not just for ourselves, but rather for all of the 2nd generation and more importantly for all the people of the world.

True Parents strongly stressed to keep the blood lineage and pure love. True Parents said to be make an ideal family through receiving an international blessing. In addition, he reminded us that absolute faith and absolute love aren't only conceptual, absolute obedience is the substantiation of absolute faith and absolute love.

From now on we have to separate good and evil within ourselves and rededicate ourselves to following God and True Parent, Do not worry about yourself but instead consider True Parents' mind and be born again. Let's become worthy son and daughter of True Parent.

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