Unification News for January 2005

A Bald Head and a Strawberry - Hyung Jin Nim's Book

In his preface, Hyung Jin Moon sets out at least one of the questions that his book, A Bald Head and a Strawberry, answers: "Many, in the past few years, have noticed my going from stylish suits and fashionable hairstyles to a shaven head and traditional Eastern monastic robes. Most, however, do not have any idea of why such a change took place." In the course of answering this question, Hyung Jin nim gives us a new appreciation of True Parents as well as of the course that True Children have trod. Going beyond ideological catchwords, the author shares his personal story of the last several years as he lived through the loss of a brother, studying at a liberal college, and discovering anew the faith and love of True Parents.

As the title suggests, the author does not stand behind his position but reveals all his doubts and misgivings as well as why and how he decided to embark on a spiritual path that fully embraces the courageous faith of True Parents. For a religion to continue to grow and prosper, it must be renewed by those dedicated in heart, mind and body to its founding spirit. The reader finds in this book the efforts of an individual who is committed to sharing his considerable understanding of Godıs life and family. For older members, the book can rekindle the joy and hope and even wonder of the time of their first joining. For those born into the faith who may or may not have embraced it, here is an exemplar of a sincere and renewing commitment.

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