Unification News for January 2005

Matching at East Garden

by Rev. Jenkins

The central purpose of our True Parents is to establish True Families that are blessed by God. There is nothing more beautiful on earth than to see True Parents matching the second generation, who were born with lineage of heaven. Workshops and testimonies are being given to these young people who are now entering the realm of fulfilling the second blessing.

At Hoon Dok Hae Father called the matching candidates in who had arrived already. He asked who had a birthday on that day. Then he asked who had a birthday that week. A brother and sister appeared. Father then looked at them and matched them and asked them to discuss with each other whether they would accept. Education went on through the day as candidates continued to arrive. Father asked that all parents stay somewhere else and not attend the matching. Last night Father came and gave incredible love and guidance. Then the great providence and central mission of True Parents once again wrtr witnessed to by heaven and earth. The matching of couples by True Father is based on profound communion with God and the heavenly realm and keen spiritual insight into the character of the ancestors. People are matched by combining the best of ancestral traits while at the same time working to compensate for shortcomings by bringing strong points from the ancestry of one spouse to compensate for weak points of the other's ancestors, and vice versa.

This way the heavenly fortune and meaning of these couples is profound; these blessings that Father is conducting are based on the concept of "exchange" marriage. "Exchange" means that the desire of God is that we marry beyond our race and beyond our nationality. The ideal is that enemy ancestral lines are brought together. Through this blessing, reconciliation and peace are achieved not only within the couple but between the races and former enemies. This is an essential component of building the Kindgom of God on earth. We must dissolve the enemy feelings and conditions that have existed throughout history and still reside in the hearts of our ancestors and all others in the spirit world as well as those on earth. The substantial feeling of disolving and resolving historic enmity is achieved through the exchange marriage and blessing. Father explained that he calls it "exchange" marriage because it as if the families involved are "offering" their son or daughter to their "enemy" family as a condition of sacrificial love. Much the same way, God gave Jesus to save humankind, who actually stood in an enemy position to God. This "exchange" is an offering and sacrifice. Though the path for these couples who are crossing the boundaries to love the enemy and resolve history is filled with challenge and difficulty, this history is the one that True Parents have continously guided us to fulfill. Father teaches and the results show that through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience these couples ultimately receive an enormous outpouring of blessing not just for themselves but for their generations to come.

Last night True Parents conducted this great providence of matching. More candidates have arrived this morning. The atmosphere of East Garden is filled with the presence of the heavenly myriads of saints and angels, and Heaven and Earth are now being brought together as one. All is being reconciled and restored into the realm of the Peace Kingdom.

Immense joy fills the atmosphere at EG. The blessing will be held on December 26th at one o'clock PM. This is a Christmas that will never be forgotten in history. The blessing of God, the greatest gift to humanity, is given at this time.

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