Unification News for December 2004

The Beginning of a Film: My Original Screenplay, The Origin of Evil

by Erling Lea

As I was airing programs on public access cable TV over a 7-year period, I put on approximately 400 hours of our church programs. I got burned out on it, but I also realized that people in America are extremely affected by TV, so much so that it's scary.

I wanted to go another level, and thought that I could maybe do so through filmmaking. I started to read every book about the subject, I attended filmmaking workshops, and I went to film festivals. I was wondering the best topic for a film would be, so as to have the greatest effect on this world. After thinking and reading Father's words I realized it must be the Fall of Man. During every speech True Father gives, he mentions that if Adam and Eve hadn't fallen, then such and such could have happened. One time I actually picked up one sentence in a speech by Father suggesting that a bale company should make a play about it.

Anyway, I started to create a screenplay on my beat-up laptop. A film about this should show the Fall in a modern context and not just as an event that happened 6000 years ago. I decided to tell the original story of Adam and Eve, and include a modern dual story line. The story would be set during Adam's time, and then move to modern times, and then back. I decided to start the story with the look of a silent black and white film, and show the Fall of Man, right from the Bible when Lucifer is tempting Adam and Eve with a literal fruit, and then jump to a modern story, and then end the movie with the same silent film effect after they eat the fruit.The film should be made in a way so that people of all ages will want to see it, and not only for adults. Lucifer's seduction of Eve would be suggested and understood rather than graphically portrayed. I had actors from DJ Brewer's school, the Sun Hwa Academy, and I did not want them to be exposed to any actual touching related to the Fall of Man! I had wanted to make this movie for a long time, and I realized that I just have to make a start, just as I did to begin with public access television. One day I happened to be visiting Sun Hwa Academy, and there were many students with a little free time. I decided to make a trailer for The Origin of Evil. We spent a whole day at Sun Hwa, and ended up with only 3 minutes of finished footage after editing an hour of raw video footage. 2nd generation student Linde Pedersen plays Eve. She is perfect in that role; she has a deep, old-fashioned look. Her fellow student Chris Olsen, with his handsome looks and long blond hair is perfect to play Lucifer.

The Fall of Man is tragic, and has no good guys among the central characters. To make the film more appealing and upbeat, I decided to show several pure and Godly angels working to prevent Lucifer from meeting Eve. I made Lucifer's battle with Gabriel and Michael a central theme of the story, and show them expelling Lucifer from the Garden at the end of the film. This show of the power of goodness over evil is important so as to leave people with a sense of hope at the end of the movie. Lucifer's deceit is also emphasized, as well as his ability to confuse and seduce Eve.

The script has been rewritten 5 times so far, and I am just about finished with the version I want to work with for now. Iím still looking for investors and other help anyone feels inspired to offer. I am promising Linde and Martin Pederson that it will be done soon! I hope they can bear with me.

Actors or actresses near our location in Houston, Texas are needed for the film. I will use DV not film to keep the budget low. Anyone interested in the project please call, write or email me anytime. My address and other contact information are:

Erling Lea
326 Gentilly Dr.
Katy, TX 77450
Ph: 832 443 2446
E-mail: erlinglp@hotmail.com

Thanks for your interest and God bless you and your family.

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