Unification News for December 2004

Northern California Activities

We held our first Community Of Faith Breakfast in Sacramento on November 20th. Imam Mumtaz Qasmi gave a wonderful speech about the real meaning of being a Moslem and testified to Fatherıs work to bring together different religions. He spoke of his heartache after September 11th when the media seemed to fuel the hatred against Islam and he wanted to point out that the term jihad has many meanings and mostly means a Holy War within oneself.

Kevin Thompson gave an introduction to ACLC and our work in Israel, pointing out that the Democrats or Republicans cannot solve spiritual problems, that is the task of the spiritual leaders.

November 27th Community Of Faith Breakfast at the Bay Area Family Church (BAFC) featured Mrs. Donneter Lane who, together with her husband the late Rev. John Lane, were early supporters of our church going back to the mid 1970ıs. Mrs. Lane told everyone assembled that she and her husband predicted in 1975 that the Unification Church would be the church of the 21st century and that she was glad to see that that prediction was now coming true. Kevin Thompson spoke about the efforts to bring Democrats and Republicans together centered upon True Family Values. A beautiful spirit was in the room, and many of the guests testified that they look forward to this monthly gathering.

International Choir

The BAFC International Choir (with ten nationalities) sang with great power and professionalism at the ceremony to give Mother Wright her honorary doctorate degree. They also sang at a revival at Gospel Harvest Church. Under the direction of Zita Peruffo, the international choir has quickly built up a reputation and is in constant demand. Reverend Leland of Gospel Harvest came to the Bay Area Family Church to offer his thanks to the choir and testified that through knowing our movement he has been able to find deeper faith.

Il Shim Ceremony And Workshop

Sixty 2nd Generation participated in the Il Shim ceremony and pledged their lives to purity and the ideals of our True Parents. They each fulfilled many conditions to be able to accomplish the requirements of receiving their Il Shim ³True Love Waits² ring. At the closing ceremony where the parents bestowed the ring upon their children, Dr Mose Durst said that he was so moved by the youth and Blessed Families and that is what gives him hope for the future. During the Il Shim workshop the participants marched through the local streets and displayed their commitment to purity. They also went witnessing and inspired local residents with their spirit. The staff for the workshop testified to the seriousness of the 2nd Generation and how the elders took great responsibility for their younger brothers and sisters.

Youth Minister Installed

Kenritsu Yamamoto was installed as the youth minister for the Bay Area Family Church. He has set up 10 team leaders for the high school students. In his address, Kenritsu shared his vision of the future and thanked the parents who have invested so much into their children. Many parents were very comforted to hear Kenritsu share that even though he was often rebellious, it was his parents' unchanging love and attention that kept him on track.

Principled Academy Multi-Cultural Night

Over 100 guests attended the multi-cultural night at Principled Academy. Everyone was treated to Mexican dancing, a Japanese dance and a Tong Il Moo Do demonstration and wonderful food from many countries. The Principled Academy is the character education school of the Bay Area, promoting harmony, cooperation, and understanding.

Tong Il Moo Do

Tong Il Moo Do school was opened at BAFC and classes started also at Principled Academy. Mr. Shimizu of IEF, working together with Thomas Sagayo, have caught Fatherıs vision for the martial arts and are actively recruiting and promoting this special cultural art form.

WFWP Annual Fundraiser

WFWP held its annual fundraising event for Sun Of Mozambique school at Marina Community Center, raising $6,000.

Mr. Harvey Brosler, a photographer specializing in non-profit organizations,

told us that our event was the best he had ever seen. As proof of that, WFWP-SFBA Chapter has been developing to

reach out to other religious groups through the interfaith activities.

Divine Principle Workshop

On November 13th a one- day workshop was held at BAFC. Five guests, including one imam, attended. They heard Principles Of Creation, Fall of Man, and an introduction to Father and the Blessing. One of the guests was so inspired that she went home and asked her live- in boyfriend to move out after she understood the Fall. With lectures taking place after church each Sunday Service, there will be many workshops in the future.

Ongoing Spanish Divine Principle workshops and lectures are taking place. The Hispanic church recently bought translation equipment for their guests to be able to participate in Sunday Service and other events. Many guests have heard the Divine Principle and are currently preparing for membership.

The Bay Area family Church Soccer team held its one-year anniversary with a commemorative game. Recently the soccer team held a PEACE CUP tournament with STF, CARP and 2nd Generation teams. The team has competed against other church teams and remains unbeaten.

Service For Peace

BAFC 2nd Generation participated with CARP and STF members to do a service project of planting daffodils with the city of Oakland councilwoman Nancy Nadel. Many of the Il Shim participants were able to help out and fulfill their service requirements. Under the capable direction of Markus VonEuw, Service For Peace has been able to build bridges with the local city governments and especially with the office of the mayor of Oakland.

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