Unification News for April 2004

Notes concerning Father's Comments and Rev. Kwak's guidance concerning the Crown

Dear Family,

The following are notes provided by Dr. Tom Walsh Secretary General of IIFWP Intl. and Mrs. Karen Smith  IIFWP Director of the UN office concerning Rev. Kwak's guidance concerning the Crown of Peace Ceremony.   Again, we sincerely offer our gratitude to God and True Parents for trusting America to come forward to fulfill this historic capstone of the providence of the Second Israel.

Thanks for your prayers, donations and conditions.  Please continue now as we take this spirit to the Holy Land.



Notes on the Crown

From Father's comments at HDH Wed. 24th, 2004:

"…We had to liberate the resentment of Jesus. I have spent 30 years here in America. If America doesn't straighten up, then it will perish…

Most essentially, we need true love blood lineage. We need to unite mind and body, to support our spouse and proudly establish true families. And there are many things to do….I don't want or need a kings crown, but you need this to solve America's problems…."

From lunch-time discussion with Rev. Kwak. Please note, I added in square brackets how I further understood what was being said. These were not specific comments by CHK on the topic, but additional comments or my "framework" for understanding what was being said.)

God is, already, True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner. He, (nor True Father) does not need a crown to "become" a king, they already are. Rather, what is important is in the offering, that America offered the crown. This is what has meaning.

[KJS: Father is helping us to help America make the necessary offering…the heart of True Abel, helping Cain become an acceptable offering.]

So in effect, the crowning means America is saying to Father "Please become my king." In order to do this, our heart has to completely submit to the king and so we become a "total living offering."

[KJS: On this foundation, we are then a true object before God, and so stand ready to move forward anew, "of the Kingdom." The Crowning at the Senate Building on 23rd March was done in part, representing America. To some extent then America is beginning to take its true providential position before God and will then "find" its correct way forward, a way that is not seen by those blocked by Satan's thinking etc. Our work in the USA will need to expand this foundation, quickly, eventually to the point where America is central to the establishment of CIG by 2012-ref. Father's comments from 24th DHD speech.]

Back when the pope crowned the kings in previous centuries, actually that had no meaning before God. But last night, Father had already conquered Satan and the SW etc., by 2001. So last night, the crowning was not the acknowledgement of Father's accomplishments. Rather it was really to allow America to present their offering and so purify itself so America can move forward with God.

What was important in Father's mind was that this was reported to God at that place, connecting the event with God and God's kingdom.

We are without worth before heaven, but through this condition, [being totally objective before heaven,] we can inherit the merit of Father.

Father always receives religious leaders (vertical and Mother from the political leaders [representing all people (horizontal.)]

The crowning enabled this nation to begin to re-establish its foundation/regime through the "package" that included the crown.

The way Father approached this… "You surrender to me, now I can teach you."

[He made no reference in his remarks to appreciating the crown, again, this was because this was not the time that he "achieved" kingship, rather it was the time when America could recognize Father's kingship and through offering Father the crown, fulfill a critical condition that now "shifts" America to a new level of objectivity to God's providence, will and desire. By fulfilling this condition, America is helped.]

The  "outside" view of the Capitol Hill event was that Father received a crown, an award for his years of dedication and leadership in reconciliation and peacemaking.

The "inside" view of the event was that America surrendered to True Parents in the king's position. The crown was really Second Israel's, not True Parents'.

Heavenly Father has for all human history, unconditionally loved "strange" children, or people who were not truly His children. So until now, God's moment to moment, day after day, century after century investment of heart and tears was for people who were not his children. It is only now that with the victories of Father and Mother that God's investment is for "His children." It is only now, after Father's 30 years of investment in America, through America recognizing him as king, that his investment is for "his America." This was a very emotional moment for Father because only now, after all these years of investing his blood, sweat and tears, that he is beginning to see "his" America responding. While this was a partial success (when taken from the larger view,) it was nevertheless significant. When we look at the response of last night, and think about Father's 30 years, we can see that his effort behind this was tremendous-he invested a huge amount of heart, money, effort, prayer etc. for this.

[We are simply being asked to walk the same way God did…first doing for others who are not our children, not the ones we can fully and directly love, investing again and again. Father first had to "discover" that this was God's path, then he had to "do" it and is now educating us about this path.]

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