Unification News for April 2003

Ceremony to Take Down The Cross - Boston, Massachusetts

by  Rev. Bismarck Bamfo

It is indeed unbelievable scene to see and witness in our life time the walls of races, denominations, religions and nationalities are all coming down. Above all, "Taking Down the Cross," what most Christians considered and believed to be the symbol of their hope and salvation is now coming down. Such a revolution is taking place because of the foundation of sweat, tears and blood of our True Parents and the sacrifices made in the cause of history.

Rev. John Kingara, Worldwide Greater Mission Church, Worcester, Massachusetts had an incredible understanding and experience during the Ocean City Divine Principle Workshop for Ministers. He confirmed his determination to remove the cross after attending April 5, & 14, 2003 One Day workshop both in Boston, MA and Providence, RI respectively. The Cross outside his church was taken right after the said workshops. However, he was advised by Rev. Kil Hwan Kim, Regional Director to wait until April 18, 2003, for an official ceremony to take the Cross at his church.

Although headquarters sent liturgy outline, due circumstances every thing was rearranged after meeting with the Ministers present. Mrs. Hiroko Hiroi prepares the environment as she led everyone in singing. The invocation was given by Deacon Musee of Worldwide Greater Mission Church. The Seven words of Jesus to the Cross were read by our sister Catherine Ono. These set the stage for the Ministers present to give a short sermon.

Rev. Richard Wright, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Worcester, MA, (Signed Resolution) preached about the need to re-examine the Christian belief system. He said, most of them were passed down to us without questioning its validity or basis in the scripture. We were misled concerning the meaning of the cross. Now that we know we have to get rid of it. Rev. Father Cecil Cozier, African Orthodox Church, MA (Signed Resolution) also emphasized the need to know the truth, practice the truth on earth and receive the crown of glory on the earth first before going to the spirit world. The reason is that, "Whatever is bind on earth is Bound in Heaven..."

The lead pastor Rev. Kingara preached repenting for placing the symbol of Satan's victory in the Church. "It is important to understand the heart of God towards the Cross. How will you feel looking at or keeping a car which killed your beloved son?" Rev. Kingara read the book of Mark 16:1-20 pointing out that the signs given by Jesus himself to his disciples after his crucifixion and resurrection did not include that of the Cross. "It was introduced by Constantine, over 300 years after the death of Jesus. What is of God always unites his children. The fact that the Cross is a symbol of division, shame, suffering and bloodshed prove that it is not of God but Satan. On this 18th day of April 2003, we are beginning a new history. Pastors, please, help me to bring the cross down, because it is not of God but the devil."

After the Cross came down, the Minister on stage congratulated Rev. Kingara for his bold initiative and determination as the first pastor and church to take down the Cross in Massachusetts. Both the lead pastor and Rev. Wright took the cross outside and throw it into a garbage container.

On his returned, Rev. Kingara read, "We have now concluded the era of the cross which a time when blood had to be shed due to the chosen people missing the time of His coming. Jesus victory on the cross was concerning how he loved all humanity at the pinnacle moment of his suffering. We are now entering the era of the resurrection in which we are now focusing on the era of life. He passed on crown to all the Ministers and the congregation." Rev. Gomes (Signed Resolution) offered prayer after the offering.

The final portion of the program was HDH reading. "The Life of Jesus as Seen from God's Will, and God's Warning to the Present Age, the Period of the Last Days, a speech given by True father during the 20th Anniversary of the Washington Times Banquet, Washington Hilton, Washington, DC May 21, 2002. It was very powerful and appropriate for the occasion because it summarized what ACLC wanted to tell those present. The program ended with benediction from the lead pastor, Rev. Kingara.

Our next destination from Rev. Kingara's Church was the Church of God of Prophecy, Fall River, MA. Rev. David Solis whose denomination does not accept the cross invited us into his church. There was no formal ceremony held. Brother Beat Bauer did a very good job to bring it down without difficulties. It happened very fast. It was possible once again because of the merit of the age. A prayer was made and photos taken.

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