Unification News for November 2002

Soccer Victory in Korea

Seongnam Ilhwa Cheonma is the soccer team created by True Father in Korea. They confirmed their status as Korea’s top football club team when they clinched their fifth K-League title thereby repeating their success of the previous year. Paying away against the Phhang Steelers, the defending champions absolutely needed a win to retain their title by staying out of the reach of the second-placed Ulsan Tigers who were facing the Busan I’cons on home ground further down the east cast.

The Tigers showed true grit and determination by coming back twice from behind to defeat their feisty opponents, eventually wrapping up the match with a score of 4-2 through a second-half hat trick by veteran striker Yoo Sang-chul, who had also made the first equalizer in the twenty-fifth minute of the game. Yoo’s personal monumental achievement was however insufficient to dislodge Cheonma from their leading spot when the latter rose to the challenge of the occasion by crushing the Streelyard squad 4-1 to gain the winning match points.

The Cheonma player’s’ triumph was rendered all the more remarkable by the fact that theirs was the sole lineup in the League not having any members of the magnificent South Korean World Cup team which had made it all the way through to the semifinals last June. Their victory was clearly due to excellent teamwork which was also reflected in the goal scoring not by a single "superstar" but rather through the combined skills of Brazilian marksman Ricardo Ireneu (two goals, one in each half), Yugoslav-born Sasa Drakulic (off a cross from Ireneu) and Kim Sang-shik, outplaying a side that boasted of South Korea’s World Cup captain Hong Myung-bo and goalkeeper Kim Byung-ji.

Having also won the 2002 Adidas Cup, Seongnam now face the professional FA Cup with a prize of a hundred million won and a berth in the Asian Super League in the balance.

The match was watched closely by True Parents live on internet broadcasting at East Garden with over 200 members. Despite the time difference, True Parents watched the live internet broadcasting of the game followed by Pledge service and HDH through the whole night to next morning 7:30 a.m. with great interest at East Garden from where they have been directing the Providence in America.

Note on the name; "Seongnam Ilhwa Cheonma" "Cheonma" is literally translated as "Heavenly Horse" (flying horse or Pegasus). "Ilhwa" are the team sponsors.

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