Unification News for November 2002

SFP Fest in Mongolia

by J.Narmandakh and Marife Niduasa

The first SFP (Service For Peace) sports festival- Mongolia was held on October 6, 2002 at Park Stadium, Ulaanbaatar, was a big success attended by more than 2000 participants, compose of high school and university students, families, SFP full-time volunteers and representatives from the parliament government. They were group into 10 teams, which included trainees from the police academy.

The event started with the National Anthem, followed by an inspirational message by Parliament congressman, Mr. Sodnomdorj, the chairman of SFP Mongolia. Then the YST member and "Rock Band" performed a modern and electrifying song number. Upon hearing their melodious voices, again the audience was thrilled to see folk dance number by the YST (Year Special Training) members.

Sports proper begin with a 7,000m run, a tug-of-war and the soccer tournament. The best player, goalkeeper, defender and best team for soccer received cash, medals certificate.

And a special award went for best creative and dynamic cheering group. The event was broadcast on National TV and covered by main newspapers.

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