Unification News for November 2002

Moldova: Culture of Heart Workshop

After the workshop with Father and Hyun Jin Nim in Alaska we invited the new W-CARP Consultant for North East Continent, Rev. Clifford Yank to hold a Culture of Heart workshop on for all Moldovan members.

It was indeed a life-changing experience for many. One sister, Natalia Kobenko said, "I liked that the main thing in this seminar was not theory but understanding the heart of God." Eduard Korenski said, "I understood that although Principle keeps you on the right path, only Transformation of Heart can resurrect a person.

"I am the owner, and changes are absolutely possible," said Marin Raileanu, "The key words for me were, Decide your dream and work on it. Father has been saying for a long time that we need to build the Kingdom of Heaven inside ourselves. This seminar helped me see how I can accomplish this ideal."

Hyun Jin Nim has been teaching us that itís very important to see ourselves in the context of a higher goal and understand how our actions are influencing every other level.

"Iím sincerely grateful to my beloved Heavenly Father who keeps giving, through tears, until nowÖ He was talking to me personally through Rev. Yank, yesterday and today.

God looked amazing and close to me through him said Elena Stefanko. "I feel like we were given everything, all the tools and now itís our responsibility to make it work!

Marchel Gytsak shared with us, "God needs leaders. I was afraid of this word until now, but Iíll do everything possible and impossible from now on, in order to become a true leader, ready for everything. I want to become a fire, a fluid, and a storm, crazy for Heavenly Father. Amen!"

More at the new W-CARP Moldova website found at http://moldova.worldcarp.org/

Tongil Moo Do Seminar

We also just held our first Tong-Il Moo-Do seminar in Moldova, reuniting Martial Arts coaches and sports teachers. Sixty people from eight Martial Arts federations attended under the theme "Martial Arts - the surest way for youth education."

The opening remarks were given by Ambassador for Peace Mr. Gribincea the Chief of the Department of Youth and Sports in the "Botanica" district of the capital, Chishinau. Mr. Clifford Yank gave the opening address. He explained the current crisis and the necessity of proper education for the young trainees in Martial Arts. Valerian Gryu spoke on the vision of Tong-Il Moo-Do, followed by a video presentation with glimpses from Mongolia SFP Rally 2002 and WCSF 2002, including the WCARP Convention.

Representatives of each school gave demonstrations. Presentations were beautiful but showed only external skills, which is why Tong-Il Moo-Do wants to revive the internal axis for all Martial Arts.

Mihai Calestru spoke about "Life Goals and Universal Principles. Problems and solutions", all participants expressed their willingness to participate in a Festival reuniting all Martial Arts, planned in November. When asked what impressed them most at the seminar, they answered: "The idea to unite everyone!"

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