Unification News for November 2002

True World Foods Fishing Tournament

by Mr. Minoru Kageyama

Winter is almost here in New York and New Jersey -- however this is the best fishing time for Striped Bass. We had two Fishing Tournaments the weekend of November 9 and 10.

True Father instructed all members a few years ago to make their own fishing club. The main focus of the club is to organize fishing tournaments. Also, True Father gave instructions that every nation should have three tournaments each year.

For this reason we have the Hudson River Striped Bass Tournament, Alaska Tournament and other tournaments in either New York or Hawaii. So, we encourage you to organize some local tournament through your regional church or your company such as True World Foods (TWF- formerly the NY Fish House) in NJ.

Sunday, Nov. 10, TWF (Mr. Yashiro, CEO) sponsored their 2nd fishing tournament at Liberty Harbor Marina for the workers of their company and their customers. The target fish was Striped Bass. Actually, we were afraid of bad weather because the weather forecast said SW winds 20 to 25 knots - which means very rough water. But God really blessed this tournament as the weather was one of the nicest of days and the fishing result was unbelievable.

Two boats out of 4 already caught their limit early in the day. The fish were big as well as measuring 35" and 36." The 1st place prize went to Mr. Kato. His fish and Mr. Yashiro's fish were the same size but his fish was a little bit heavier than the other. Not only the fishing was exciting but just to decide the winner was also very challenging. Mr. Nishinaga won 6th place. Mr. Kato was the champion of this tournament. Total keepers caught, that is, at least 28" in length, totaled 24.

All promised to meet again in the spring for the next tournament.

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