Unification News for November 2002

Ambassador for Peace Conference in New Jersey

by Rev. Barry Geller

Praise the Lord everyone!, Salaam Alechem. Peace be upon you. These were the greetings to the more than 120 pastors, civic leaders, educators and business men and women gathered at the New Jersey Ambassador for Peace conference held Sunday, November 3, 2002 at the Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, NJ.

After Pastor Jesse Edwards invocation four speakers presented their ideas on how their activities help bring peace in their communities.

Dr. Elton T. Byrd. Pastor of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, a leading pastor in the city of Newark shared his observations of Father Moon's work with the UN and its impact on society. Imam Mohammad Qatanani spoke about the Islamic perspective on world peace. Imam Qatanani is the leader of over 2,000 Muslims in Paterson, NJ. Next, the former State Representative, Honorable Marian Crecco informed us of her 143 year struggle to pass abstinence legislation in the NJ State legislature. Mr. Taj Hamad of the World Association of Non Governmental Organizations, gave Father Moon's views on the work of the United Nations and World Peace.

During dinner we saw the video entitled "The Global Work of the IIFWP. After a beautiful rendition of Arirang by our NJ New Hope Choir, Mr. Antonio Betancourt shared True Parent's ideas on World Peace. This conference centered on the idea of hearing other's thoughts on world peace and then presenting Father's deep and broad view.

After Pastor Edward's introduction to the "Inspirations from Heaven" (Cloud of Witnesses), Mrs. Hope Igarashi read Jesus' moving testimony along with brief readings from Buddhism, Confucianism, and Islam. Rev. Levy Daugherty and Rev. Philip Thomas, New Jersey's ACLC Co-chair exhorted the crowd to support our True Parents by signing the resolution. More than half the participants responded by signing.

Rev. John Hong, Regional Director, closed the meeting by awarding more than 50 Ambassador for Peace certificates. The new Ambassadors represented many areas of human endeavor, including the assistant director of banking and finance for the state of N J, City Councilmen from Newark and Orange, NJ, Teachers from Newark's West Kinney High School and other schools in Newark, Members of New Jersey's business community also enjoyed the event.

In conclusion, Mr. Betancourt's presentation was both inspirational and informative about the work of True Parents in promoting world peace. The new Ambassadors for Peace departed joyfully, after receiving their beautiful certificates. Mansei to True Parents in the era of Cheon Il Guk!

Rev. Geller is Vice Regional Director, Region #3 NJ, PA, DE.

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