Unification News for November 2002

ACLC Prayer Breakfast in Chicago

We held another simple yet wonderful and successful Prayer Breakfast on October 15, 2002 at the True Light Missionary Baptist Church with Dr. A. Harold White, as the host Pastor. This month’s theme is ministerial Empowerment for Kingdom Building -- thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. And this has attracted about a hundred people who were in attendance today. Seven new pastors were welcomed and have shared their eagerness to be a part of this conference. Dr. White started the program with a joyful welcoming remarks and with some words of inspirations. Rev. Charles Bowers, is one of those who have been strongly connected with us for more than a decade, gave an opening prayer which sounded like a song.

Then a delicious breakfast was served courtesy of the host? good cooks. This time, Mrs. Akemi Nguyen, was invited to offer a solo and she sang a song dedicated to Jesus and one holy song -- Light of Grace -- and she was praised by the audience for having such a beautiful voice. Then Bro. Odell Reed was called for a testimony and he said that it is always nice to work together as one family and community.

What made this month’s ACLC Meeting very unique and special was the presence of our brother Minister Thomas Muhammad from the nation of Islam, as the guest speaker. He spoke about the Christian-Islam relationship. He started up being grateful to be a part of ACLC and most of all to have received inspirations from the life and works of the Rev. and Mrs. Moon. He also have expressed his deep fellowship with Christian brothers and sisters in which he has learned and felt since his connection to ACLC. He added that he is not a follower of the Rev. Moon but a follower of the Truth. Because of this sense of brotherhood and camaraderie, he was moved and despite of many oppositions and differences, he has kept his connection with us. He has understood that the life of devout men and women of God in history were never easy just like the life of many in our religious leadership like the Rev. Moon and the Minister Louis Farrakhan.

He began his sermon by saying that we all follow the same, one and only God (as also stated by the Quoran). We all follow the same course of Moses, Noah, David, Solomon, Jonah, Peter , Paul and believe it or not we(he said, as Islam) follow and believe the same Jesus as yours and that we believe in his second coming. And these words have made everyone scream out loud, Hallelujah! And Amen! Because of this, he was embraced more by everyone. Indeed, Minister Thomas Muhammad have given us a great inspiration.

One of the goals of this prayer breakfast is to invite these key pastors for the DP Workshops and Bishop Our Bishop Kim also officially welcomed and introduced the six new and young spirited STF members who just came to Chicago to all pastors and guests, and promoted their activities like the service for peace that they offer to many churches, schools and other institutions.

Finally, the closing prayer was said by the Rev. Joseph McAfee and after that everyone was dismissed with a joyful feeling in his/her heart through the hugs and handshakes each one has received.

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