Unification News for November 2002

Volunteers needed for Educational Programs for the Developing World

by Gregory Breland

The World University Federation is seeking volunteers with credentials in specific disciplines to help to develop web-based certificate programs in four areas that are meant to help adults residing in the developing world to develop crucial life skills. Ideally volunteers should have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in the field or related field or the equivalent in terms of education and experience.

This is a volunteer position but it can serve as a way for members in the developed world to work from their homes to support both the Providence and those in need. The teaching task will consist of developing a 16 week program that can be mailed or emailed to the student. It will involve grading tests or essays, and communicating from time to time by email as the students have questions about the academic content. Templates for program development are available for your review. You will not have to deal with the administrative aspects of the course.

True Father has long desired that these specific educational programs be offered to the developing world, so this would be a direct contribution to the Providence. It would also benefit those who need experience to enter the field of teaching. If you feel called to help the less fortunate, please send your resume and any other pertinent information to Gregory Breland at the University of Bridgeport at: breland@wufed.org

The fields of interest include: * Cattle raising and agriculture * Forestry * Fish farming * Technology management * Unification related education material.

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