Unification News for October 2002

Teachers Needed for Sun Moon University

by Lynne Kim

I am currently the Head of the General Studies English Language Program at Sun Moon University. From March 2003 we plan to expand the program considerably.

From March 2003, Sun Moon University will need 10 new native-level English speaker English Conversation teachers. The minimum requirement for the teachers will be a Bachelor's degree in any field. The hoped for, ideal qualifications would be a master's degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) or TFL (Teaching Foreign Languages). PhDs would of course be welcome, but the position is a teaching position, not a research position, and it is not on a tenure track.

The final decisions have not yet been made about salary and other conditions. They will be made by the end of October. However, the salary will be around two million won a month. There will probably be some housing provided (one room apartments), one month paid vacation a year, and insurance provided. Single people can surely survive on that amount, families would want to supplement the income. That would be possible by teaching additional courses. The basic salary (2 million) will probably require teaching 18 hours a week. Most people would be teaching several classes of the same course, so there would not be so much work in terms of preparations. Accordingly, teaching more hours would be physically possible in order to supplement one's income.

For more information contact: lynnekim@yahoo.com.

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