Unification News for October 2002

12 City North American Speaking Tour - Seattle

On September 25th, 2002, the Seattle Region was blessed by the presence by our True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. We were deeply moved by the Holy Spirit as it helped prepare the way for our True Mother here in Seattle. The unity with Bishop Lee, Rev. Wiesinger, Dr. Burgess and among the local church members, Japanese missionaries and regional state leaders Rev. Ho from Alaska, Rev. Yakawich from Montana and Mrs. Avey, WFWP Regional Chair, was very inspiring.

We were very grateful to have the Ball room to overflow capacity. We also had a wonderful variety of Christian Churches and Interfaith groups attend this program. Perhaps, one of our best regional programs so far.

Our strategy included a powerful outreach by the Japanese Missionaries and the local members. We even had the local fish businesses who were also very supportive in donating frozen salmon and other fish, which was used wisely for outreach to churches and community organizations.

We had some wonderful experiences with the local ACLC leaders really pulling together to help make the tour a great success. Rev. David Tuiasosopo, Sister Silversity Madrazo, Sister Debra and sister Clark worked hard to witness to other clergy to come to the event. Outreach by local ACLC staff, as Mrs. Araki, Mrs. McCash, Mrs. Watanabe, Mrs. Uezono, Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Sato were a united force that reached out to hundreds of churches in the Seattle and Tacoma area.

Some testimonies include:

"Wonderful! Wonderful! It was an honor to hear Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon speak. She spoke with great elegant wisdom and truth. God has blessed her as an Ambassador of Peace." Rev. Debra Lajimodiere, Interfaith Community Church.

"Profound! I truly enjoyed being in the presence of so many spiritually endowed people---Persons from our humanity, one creator. Many thanks and peaceful blessings on all who made this historical event possible." Abdul Rashid, Islamic Seattle/Jasjid of Seattle.

"This was a great event. I have understood more about the Federation For World Peace. Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon's speech was meaningful." Dang-Khoa Truong, Cao Dai Temple.

"Wonderful evening. Family unification is the #1 priority in Sikhism." Avtar Singh

The missionary's led by Noriko Sato did an excellent job in coordinating the Japanese missionaries in the Seattle area. The missionaries worked very

The Interfaith work under Steve and Suzie Evans, Mrs. Cohen and others brought great fruit to the program. The Nation of Islam, the Muslim groups, the Buddhist groups such as Da Reun Kang and Theresa Molyneux of an Afghanistan Relief Organization brought great representations to True Mother's event. Along with Mr. Tate who worked to bring some Native American representatives such as Chief Hohn and Janet Webster of the Ahousat Nation.

The local community groups also sent representatives to the program as the Somali and Philippine Community leaders. One leader of the Filipino community stated, "Knowing that Rev. Moon is an Asian and that he himself was an Asian, he was very proud of Rev. and Mrs. Moon and their work." "Rev. and Mrs. Moon are world leaders", he stated.

Through the spirit of the tour, Bishop Lee had a wonderful meeting with a high level religious leader from the Church Universal Triumphant Mr. Martin Acevedo. He is a leader of his church as one of 24 Council of Elders from around the world. He is 34 and very inspired by the life and works of Rev. and Mrs. Moon. He expressed his desire to tour Korea as an Ambassador for Peace. He commented, "I am very grateful to know Rev. and Mrs. Moon and their church We can really create a great synergism and unity among our faiths."

The youth under Fred Park did a great outreach to students at the University of Washington and other campuses.

Mrs. Donna Avey and Mrs. Fisher worked hard for WFWP. Many women leaders responded to the invitations attended. Such as Ms. De Charlene Williams of the Seattle Central Area Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Faiza Sulton of the Islamic School of Seattle, Ms. Georgia Colton who is executive Director of the Innocents Among Us, Ms Billie Tull of the Educators for World Peace.

One Samoan minister was so inspired by the work of the missionaries and the church members. He gave the shirt off his back! He offered on of his favorite shirts to Rev. Yakawich as a gift for the efforts to the church members working to help the minister go to Mother's tour.

Rev. Pat Wright is an ICC minister. She is the founder and director of the "Total Experience Gospel Choir" It is a very diverse group with a unique performance. This choir sang for True Father 50 state tour. She allowed Mrs. Araki to make an announcement to the congregation of her receiving the Ambassador of Peace Award. The church was very inspired. True Father wants to make a religions aspect to the UN. The choir is inspired to part of this religious aspect to provide music as a UN musical team.

While cold calling community leaders and ethnic groups, Steve Evans had faced much apathy and indifference from many phone calls. Suddenly the man asks him if he was with Rev. Moon and then slammed down the phone. The very next call a Laotian Leader responded very well. "I am very inspired by your event. Please come over to see me now. I will make room for you in my schedule." He listened to me share about the speech and True Mother's work for Peace. Then Steve spoke to him about his service in Viet Nam and his love for the people of SE Asia. He asked Steve to speak to his veterans association and thanked him sincerely for his service fighting communism and working for peace. Then the leader said, "Yes!" "I will take a table of 10 and then handed over a check for `$120 dollars." Praise the Lord. He had a great time at the event.

Dr. David Burgess with the assistance of Mrs. Wigton (regional secretary) has done an excellent job in his work with the American Family Coalition membership and associates. He has gained inspirational letters of support from such people as the Seattle King Executive as well as a proclamation from the Gov. of Idaho on this special day as "Peace Day". Also, a letter from Sen Murkowski, and former Sec. of the Interior Walter Hickle of Alaska was given for this special program. There were many dignitaries who have come such as State Senator Paull Shin and State Senator Jerry Costa.

The work done by Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Downey, Scott Dolfay and so many other brothers and sisters made the entire program a great success. In addition, the KEA leadership did an excellent job in bringing many guests from Tacoma and the Seattle area.

In conclusion, the entire atmosphere of the program was amazingly filled with the Holy Spirit and God's love. True Mother moved all the hearts of the guests and eloquently expressed the proclamation of being the True Parent's of all mankind.

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