Unification News for October 2002

12 City North American Speaking Tour - Los Angeles

by BillieAnn Sabo

What a glorious night of September 27th! It is a true miracle. Since the middle of August, we were totally focused on the Sept. 14th blessing. We were determined to make that a victory because we felt if we couldn't offer a victory to God and True Parents, how could the tour be successful. So we put 100% effort into Sept. 14th, made our offering, and used this as a "stepping-stone" to Sept. 27th. Our actual mobilization time was only 10 days.

Our goal was 1000. We could feel the whole spirit world was mobilized to help us and they did. Tonight our event is backed full. Over 1000 total attended. We had great unity during this past 10 days. All our leadership, community members and missionaries worked together and they worked hard, day and night. Our ballroom was so full, members could not join‚ -- they had to stand in the lobby!

Our day began at 4:30pm with a Peace Ambassador VIP Reception and one hour power point education given by Rev. Tim Henning, Vice Regional Director. We invited our 80 PA's from 2001 and our 70 new PA's from 2002. Over 100 attended! We opened the ballroom doors at 6:00pm for the pre-program. Salads and rolls were pre-set. Dr. Kene Holliday, TV Film Star/Evangelist was the MC. He welcomed everybody, then introduced our first choir, the Sadoc Christian Choir, Rev. Walter Millsap offered two spirit filled songs. Following was Rev. Michael Jenkins welcome to the guests as the main program MC. Rev. Joe Waller, Pastor of Shiloh MBC and Los Angeles ACLC Co-Convenor gave a powerful invocation.

Proclamations were then read. Some of the proclamations received were from: United States Senator, Dianne Feinstein; Mayor of Los Angeles; Mayor of Hawthorne; Mayor of Rosemead; many councilmen and women; County of Los Angeles and many others.

Archbishop G.A. Stallings Jr was warmly welcomed at this point who gave the special clergy message. He was p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l. Following was the viewing of the Way of True Love video tape at which time the speech books were handed out. Speeches were also available in Korean, Spanish and Chinese.

True Mother keynote address was next. The packed ballroom stood and loudly welcomed her with strong applause. She spoke for one hour. Throughout her speech, many times our guests clapped, and shouted "Hallelujah". They stood and cheered. When she was finished, it was a standing ovation. They LOVED her speech.

Next was the presentation of the on stage to the six new Ambassadors of Peace: Rev. Dr. Gloria Claybourne, Founder-CEO Abiding World Faith Ministries; Mrs. Norma Foster, President- UNA-USA Pacific LA Chapter; Dr. Pouran Ameli, President Armenian Iranian Friendship Association; Rev. Walter Millsap, Pastor Sadoc Christian Church; Mrs. Phyllis Johnson, President So Christian Leadership; Rev. William Jarvis Johnson, Pastor Calvary CME Church.

Gifts to True Mother were then presented: A crystal globe trophy from Peace Ambassadors of Los Angeles presented by Dr. William Anderson, President of Gold Coast Republican Assembly; 11 x 17 Stand for Family Plaque from ACLC presented by Rev. Joe Waller, ACLC co-convenor ; Beautiful glass "flame" trophy from Women's Organization prepared by Mrs. Robert Brown, Chairwoman, Association of Cultural Awareness and Unity.

Mother was presented flowers by Ms. Ama Mundi, Outreach Advisor for Los Angeles Community College Foundation and a very active member of WFWP-LA.

As Mother left the stage, again the entire ballroom stood, cheered, clapped and shouted "Glory to God." The spirit in the room was totally uplifted at this point. It kept rising and rising all through the event.

Rev. Stallings and Rev. Jenkins gave the Introduction to the Clouds followed by the reading. We chose Dr. Kene Holliday as the reader. His voice is very soothing and all guests listened very intently. Many clapped and again cheered. Some stood up.

After this, dinner was served. No one complained about waiting because they were filled up spiritually! Dr. Kene Holliday again resumed his pre-program position as MC.

During dinner, Dr. E.V. Hill's Mt Zion Hollywood Choir offered two songs followed by the Presentation of PA Certificates to our remaining 70. They were called to the stage in groups of 10, pictures being taken of each group.

The Sadoc Choir sang again, followed by the WFWP Bridge Crossing Ceremony led by Mrs. Sheri Rueter, National VP WFWP and assisted by Mrs. Kimiyo Anceney and Mrs. Claudelina Smith. 12 Peace Ambassador couples were chosen to cross the bridge.

Concluding remarks and prayer were given by Rev. Jesse Edwards.

All in all it was a wonderful, wonderful event. Everybody was happy and we gratefully offered a victory to God and True Parents. Our Los Angeles motto has always been "We Can Do - Never Give Up". We did! We especially give thanks to our Regional Director, Rev. and Mrs. Baek Joong Ku, who is always our guide to bring victory.

All families worked together, offered their financial donations together and did strong nightly prayer conditions together. Together we offer this gratefully to God and True Parents. Mansei!

BillieAnn Sabo is the Los Angeles Regional Coordinator.

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