Unification News for October 2002

True Father fishing at New York Harbor

by Mr. Minoru Kageyama

On Sept. 22nd and 24th, True Father went out fishing to NY harbor from Liberty Marina. Father has been fishing in USA since 1974 but you may not know, why? I found out all most nobody knows "what is the Ocean Providence?" through the 40 days ocean training workshop.

Those who ignore the ocean providence will regret eternally at the spiritual world because the Messiah, true parents of humankind is making so much effort to establish kingdom of heaven through the Ocean Providence. Without going to the ocean, you can never understand our true parents.

Father is 83 years old yet still going out to the ocean. He can't rest until children take a responsibility of the Ocean Providence. Recently Father said, "If nobody does it I'll do it!". Now is the time we children take a responsibility of the Ocean Providence so True Parents could rest.

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