Unification News for October 2002

STF Parents Workshop

by Christine Froehlich

In the Fall of 2001, Hyun Jin Nim gave direction to create an STF Parents Association to educate and inform parents about the vision of STF, and to receive their questions, concerns and input. At the beginning of this year, the Parents' Association was organized with a National Advisory Board of 10 parents, and area representatives assigned to facilitate communication between parents and STF staff across the USA. The Advisory Board met before the recent workshop to prepare for parentsí questions and concerns and to share these at length with STF staff.

The Parentsí Workshop was very well attended. Over 130 parents made the time to attend over the 3 days. During the morning of the first day, parents heard introductions and inspiration by Mr. Ittetsu Aoki, Vice President of World CARP and Director of STF, Mr. Joshua Cotter, President of World CARP USA, and Parents Association National Advisory Board Chair, Mrs. Christine Froehlich. After a long session of questions and answers, the day concluded with moving testimonies from parents whose sons and daughters had finished their first year of STF. These parents all testified to the amazing potential they had seen unleashed in their sons and daughters through their experience on STF.

We have always believed that Blessed Children were special, but now, through Hyun Jin Nimís direct involvement in their education, we come to see clearly how strong their original nature is, and how quickly they can be transformed in heart and spirit when they begin to form their own living relationship with Heavenly Father, True Parents and True Family. They are especially inspired by Hyun Jin Nim. He understands them very deeply, and is able to draw out the natural zeal and enthusiasm they have within. He relates to them as his own family, of the same blood lineage. At the same time, Hyun Jin Nim deeply values the experience and guidance that first generation leadership can give to second generation to help raise them up to take full ownership of Godís providence.

This indeed is what has happened. STF members are blossoming through what they are experiencing through fundraising, witnessing and Service for Peace projects. They have developed a determination to take ownership of God's Providence and fulfill the desires and dreams of True Parents and their own parents. Even the most skeptical among the workshop participants could not help but be touched by the sincerity and growing maturity of our youth. They are spiritually powerful beyond what we had imagined.

The finale of the workshop was the graduation ceremony of 20 STF graduates, after Hyun Jin Nimís speech. Three representative speakers expressed their gratitude to Heavenly Father, True Parents and their own parents, as well as to the first STF staff, and their determination to establish a clear and victorious path for second generation on college campuses.

For the first time, they have a clear support system in place to continue their spiritual life and growth, as they pursue their studies. Mr. Aoki urged them to treasure the experiences they have had with Heavenly Father and become "students for God" and ambassadors for True Parents in their daily lives. These graduates expressed a "pioneer spirit" in their determination to pave the way for their younger brothers and sisters.

This historical workshop brought about an unprecedented unity between the first and second generation, centered upon Hyun Jin Nim's words, heart and desire. In addition, a core of fully committed parents emerged, who truly understand and support Hyun Jin Nimís vision for education of second generation

and the liberation of our True Parentsí hearts. This providential breakthrough created a beautiful and joyful spirit which gives hope for the ongoing rejuvenation of our movement and for a bright future for the salvation of America and the world. As one parent said, "this workshop was probably the most meaningful experience I have had in the past 20 years of church life!"

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