Unification News for October 2002

IRFF School Project in Zambia

The twenty- first century presents a hostile face to many millions of children in many African countries. An increasing number of children are being forced to the streets as result of poverty, abuse, torture, rape, abandonment or orphaned by AIDS.

Human rights violations against children in the 1990 have become a common and disturbing occurrence across the continent . Indeed denial of basic human and legal rights including the right to life, liberty , health, education and security as a person to children are now a defining feature of the African socio-economic landscape.

The International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF) being concerned of saving lives of thousands of people, has made its second coming into Mackenzie community in Ndola, Zambia where 35 youth from 6 countries of the world (Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Slovenia and Slovakia), among whom three second-generation met from 7th to 18th August 2002 in Zambia with a purpose of building a second class at the orphans school of Mackenzie community in Ndola.

The project started with a two day orientation at Twikatane farm in Lusaka where participants had the opportunity to know each other and through the interaction styles, they learned the importance of working in team with one set goal by practicing the sense of living for the sake of others and the importance of sacrifice . The sessions and lectures were conducted by Mr. Nicholas Chisha (director of IRFF Zambia),Mr. Arnold Kashembe (IRFF - Tanzania), Mrs. Lara Zmaher (IRFF - Slovenia) . The covered topic where character building, interaction styles, project proposal guidelines etc. During orientation Participants had an opportunity to share and interact with Mrs. Milingo who came in as a special guest.

Participants departed from Lusaka to Ndola on 10th August. Upon arrival of participants at the Catholic Youth Centre of Ndola, participants were invited for lunch and thereafter taken to the project site for a view . On 11th August, the day started with an interreligious service in which participants shared the word of God in their respective religions among which: Christian (Catholic, Pentecost, Jehovah Witnesses), Muslims, Unificationists . After the interreligious service; the participants were driven to the project site in Mackenzie community .

The work was easily carried out through division of labor by the participants who were grouped in teams namely: Ebeneezer, Hope, Big 5, Light Givers and Conquerors . Among the work done to the project site were beautifying and cleaning the surroundings, construction, digging the toilets, etc. The school environment was changing day after day and became an attractive place for many adults and children of the community including the World Food Program Officers who were inspired to interact with participants.

The house to house visit in the community by Sister Eliska relieved hundreds of the inhabitants, the community was served in provision of HIV/AIDS Education, Hygiene, Nutrition and relief from light sufferings (pains, etc.).

IRFF is the only organization that has made a great step relieving sufferings of Mackenzie community people , the school block alone serves for multiple activities to the community . Education to the children, HIV/AIDS Education to adults, Community Committee meetings, Religious meetings etc. -- a situation that makes a strong cooperation between IRFF and Mackenzie community.

The departure of participants seems to be a loss to the Community which was very used to seeing the truck carrying IRFF project participants everyday to and from the project site.

There is a great need for IRFF to return in Mackenzie to relieve people from another big need - HEALTH by providing Hygiene education, Medicine, proper medical care hence saving lives of thousands of these under privileged people .

IRFF name will never be forgotten in this community because the project was a great success . God bless all the participants and the sponsors, may He inspire them to come back to Mackenzie.

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