Unification News for October 2002

Concerning the Clouds of Witnesses

Sun Myung Moon

This is from a sermon given at East Garden on September 22, 2002 from notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins, translation by Rev. Dong Woo Kim.

We will hear the spiritual world testimonies today. Those who receive the testimonies will rise, those who reject will decline. The turning point for humanity is coming at this time. Those who support the revelation will rise, those who reject will become fertilizer for the future.

We are now making the Garden of Eden. Those who insist on being individual will become fertilizer. This is the time of Black and White. No gray area. This is a very important and very dangerous time.

Those who came from the Arctic area, they may have a different lifestyle or concept. Those that are living in an Arctic area. Their organs and function of their body changes. The same is true the more you involve yourself with the spiritual world. First point is how can you accept the spiritual world. If you become big trees, then birds and all of creation will support you. For you to have a concept to make harmony and unity. We have to receive and support the spiritual world. Only truth from God and the spirit world can be the root. You must connect these substantial roots to earth. How, by going back to your hometown. So to know the spiritual world is great. Instead of the True Parents, you must inherit and teach these things. After you joined the church, did you increase you spirituality. You have to know the spiritual world first. You have to become the mediator between now and the past time. If you go that way, God will accept you. God will take you and put you into heaven.

If you cannot go this way, heavenly fortune will kick you out. All humanity is supposed to gather together as one. That is why the IIFWP conference is important. You must make the root to connect to yourself. This is the way to show the give and take action and the reciprocal relationship. You will have the right of the equality and the participation. You will be able to become filial sons and daughters. Filial children become the same. You inherit the same parents. You have the right of mutual participation - which is your heavenly fortune. If you feel that it is too much trouble to drive 30 minutes to come to EG, you will have a hard time to connect to God. Even if you live far away and you think that because of geography you can't be with True Parents then it will be hard for you to connect to the saints and the high spirits in the spirit world. Heavenly fortune will leave you if you don't have the heart to connect to True Parents.

Western members are you blind or are you eyes open. You are very custom to facts. You concept always goes to theory and facts and details. However you will never reach the truth when you mind goes this way. The Truth is not based on theory or small facts. The Truth is wider than the ocean and deeper than the sea. You may think that God knows everything but God doesn't have a body. That's why you have to go back to God and share your experience and in essence teach God.

Those who can help God complete his being are Human Beings. They are to become the object partners of God. Western white people, you think you are the owner of the world. With your existing concept can you embrace all of the races. Therefore because of this false concept the extreme destruction of the family occurred in America. Now history has developed through seasons. First Summer, then Fall, then winter then spring.

You have to put the highest value to the spirit world. Then the spirit world is going to protect you. I emphasize over and over and over again, why because the SW is so important to understand. If it wasn't important I could just say it once. Why do I emphasize it, because it is essential. You will win the mutual right of participation with righteousness if you cultivate the spirit world. Once you have a struggle with you spouse and think you must overcome and dominate and subjugate your spouse will go down. Those who seek to serve their spouse more will be the winner. Whatever we go this way and that way, don't have your own concept in a situation. Be humble.

How can you make Satan surrender, you must discover how. The priority is to establish a relationship with God.

You must make a clear report to your able-position leaders. If you don't report your situation, you may get connected to the evil side. Because she didn't report to God she is the owner. Only True Parents are the owner. True Parents have something to do with his will. You have to be over the national level. You have to get God's love.

Why did they become saints, because they passed over the nationality of the world.

Then for Hoon Dok Hae we read the clouds of witnesses. The written resolution was sent out by the spirit world. If you think that this is just an announcement you will miss everything. I Peter representing the 12 disciples of Jesus are ready to work more than Jesus. Are you really ready to offer your life to God and True Parents for 24 hours. Who is better, Saint Paul or you? Who is supposed to be better? You must become better than St. Paul. I will make judgment if these leaders cannot make unity. Even John Calvin are determined to make unity.

Father asks who is more important, you or Martin Luther. Who was blessed first. When you become a blessed central family you go beyond Martin Luther. Even though Karl Barth is a famous theologian he is ready to through out all of his teaching because he met True Parents. Dr. Yang and Michael Jenkins, if you fail to make a foundation to substantiate the clouds of witnesses this revelation will make a big problem. As a representative of the 12 disciples, then you must proclaim this even more than they do. You must be better than Jesus 12 disciples, you must overcome all situations. You have followed Father for decades. You must be able to do better. You must be better and teach St. Paul and St. Augustine.

God allowed all 5 saints to chose 12. Then those 5 religions became one centering on Father. Do you think that spirit world is ready to pass on their foundation to you. You must repent and commit to go over the disciples and the saints or otherwise you can't be their elder brother. The proclamation of the saints and sages must be read. When you meet the Buddhist and Confucianism you must be able to read it.

You have to pray and put your life on this fact. Without putting this fact the spirit world will not respond. Without that determination you will never be able to be True Parents disciples. You have to understand that so many saints in the spirit world are going the same way. You must be honest and determine and then those saints will work with you.

The spirit world can't break the barrier between the physical world and the spirit world. Only you on earth can break this barrier. This is the time for you to inherit everything as a blessed central family. When we have Hoon Dok Hae with the letter from God to True Parents. This is a letter from God to you. God desires that you should serve and attend True Parents even more than God.

God is proclaiming that because True Parents fulfilled their responsibility yet there are many things that could not be completed. In God's letter he is committing to fulfill everything for True Parents.

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