Unification News for September 2002

True Mother in Tokyo

The Tokyo event, the final venue of TM's speaking tour this time, was held at the Hotel Okura in Tokyo, August 29, 2002. There were more than 620 VIPs including current Members of Parliament, local council members, professors, and other dignitaries attended. Mr. Oyamada, the Chairman of IIFWP-Japan gave opening remarks, "Let us invite Rev. and Mrs. Moon as our Messiah, Savior, and True Parents and hold a bigger event [next time]!" Following the opening remarks, Mother was escorted to the stage in a light blue formal suit. Her speech started in solemn atmosphere. When TM declared about the coming of Messiah and the unification of the spirit world, the audience burst into applause.

More than 600 members gathered at the banquet venue where a big celebration cake and a banner were prepared. After TM entered the room, she greeted and reported to TF in Alaska, "Aboji, we've finished all today." The brothers and sisters there gave a big congratulatory applause in response and presented TM with a bouquet. In addition, one couple who is the founder of a religion in Japan offered a special gift to TM. That brought the banquet to its peak.

Afterwards, President Y graciously reported about the victory of the tour and sincerely thanked for Fatherís tireless work day and night as well as for the spirit world's support led by Heung Jin Nim. Mother then reminded us, "I really wish that Heaven, the spirit world, and all people on earth in Japan as a Mother nation will unite as one and be an exemplary central nation to the world."

For the entertainment part, first Japanese regional leaders sang, and then 25 Blessed children dedicated a song with narration and a dance to TP entitled, "We are determined to become children who can return joy to TP". TM was very pleased and rewarded with a warm compliment and a gift to each of the children performed. The performance by Japanese leaders, a second-generation couple, Korean wives in Japan, President Y's family, and then, TP's singing concluded the banquet for the tour's victory.

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