Unification News for September 2002

True Mother's Speaking Tour in Japan - Kobe

On the day of Mother's event in Kobe the weather was glorious. More than 500 VIP's attended. We felt that with each event Mother's speech is becoming more and more powerful and she is more comfortable. All this fascinates the participants who are reading along.

When reading the latter half of the speech, which announces the unification of spirit world, Mother made the historical declaration that Rev. and Mrs. Moon are the Messiah. The audience stirred and then broke into big applause. At the end everyone gave a standing ovation.

The participants looked serious even after the excerpts of the messages from spirit world were read, and there was much discussion. The entertainers in the program and the VIP's who presented Mother with a bouquet, and others representing the audience all greeted her and gave a mansei in a commitment to do greater work. One very influential Buddhist leader attended, even though he had only received an invitation in the mail, with no personal follow-up. There are numerous such testimonies that show this is a great time of Heavenly visitation. Overall the event was full of spiritual blessing.

About 500 members gathered for the victory event. Before and after, Mother showered us with words. In Alaska more than 100 members were gathered. We prepared music and instruments, costumed singers performed, and their songs inspired Father to dance along! At the end Mother sang along with Father in Alaska.

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