Unification News for September 2002

New Website for Matching "Jacob Children"

by Jim Stephens

In the Unification Church many couples have joined who already had children. These children have been raised in the traditions of True Parents and Divine Principle, usually along side Second Generation Blessed Children. They have come to be called "Jacob Children" because many of them stayed in the Jacob House in Tarrytown, NY, while their parents were full time missionaries.

Most of these young people desire to be married to persons of similar faith and experience and purity. Therefore we have created a website for pictures and biographical information to help parents find spouses for their eligible children.

The website is now active at:


All pictures and personal information is in a password protected area. Please help us to "spread the word" about this site to those you know who might be interested.

For more information contact: Jim Stephens, 6106 Tamar Dr., Columbia, MD 21045. Phone: 410-997-6450. Fax: 410-997-5134. email jacobcandidates@comcast.net.

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