Unification News for September 2002

Australia Service For Peace Project

Australian CARP held a kick off Service For Peace project, in Olympic Park (Bicentennial Park) where a group of about 20 young people from CARP took part on National Tree planting day, the 28th July, . Altogether 225,000 people took part on 3,000 sites throughout Australia and planted 2 million trees of different species.

This turnout was the best Australia ever seen, four times greater then the 2000 Olympic games, tree planting turnout. Although some came for individualistic reasons e.g. for the BBQ, CARP Australia set a new standard by going with a attitude to live for the sake of others and to provide service where needed. One example of this was a music band CARP formed on the day to provide entertainment to all the people working, singing uplifting music which combined a Aussie sound with skillful western guitaring and island drums to really make an amazing atmosphere where serving could be a real enjoyment - not a job needed to be done. Since it was extremely hot all day, everyone was tired at the end of the project so Australian CARP took the chance to do a final song with all CARP members joining in.

Australian CARP made a significant impact for the day, and showed a new standard or vision, for how doing service work can be so enjoyable. This was backed up by the thankyou's and kind gestures that all the staff and participants showed or said to us. We plan to do the next Service For Peace project in the blue mountains.

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