Unification News for September 2002

Christians and Muslims For Peace: Profile of the Founder

Paula Fujiwara

Dr. William Baker is a man of God who has answered Godís call at the risk of his life. His journey has taken him through Christian colleges into ministry, into service as a U.S. Marine, and on into archeology specializing in ancient history and sacred literature. He has lived and worked all over the Middle East. There, experiencing the conflict in the region firsthand, Dr. Baker has become uniquely qualified to grasp the issues with his knowledge of its history, languages and culture. He has authored books including THEFT OF A NATION, KASHMIR; HAPPY VALLEY, VALLEY OF DEATH, and MORE IN COMMON THAN YOU THINK---THE BRIDGE BETWEEN ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY. He has become a professor, a lecturer, a peace negotiator, a hostage negotiator, and a consultant to government officials and the media.

Dr. Baker founded Christians and Muslims for Peace about a decade ago and is now devoting himself completely to his peacemaking efforts. His calendar is full of speaking engagements on both national and international T.V. programs as well as other venues. New chapters of CAMP are springing up continuously all over the world. Several African heads-of-state have asked for his help to avert interreligious conflict. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2001 he was recognized and appointed as an Ambassador of Peace by Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.

It was in 2001 that several members of Womenís Federation for World Peace befriended Dr. Baker through their common involvement with an Interfaith Council in Orange County, California. Together with some local Muslim women, they initiated a womenís auxiliary of Christians and Muslims for Peace with the motto; "peace through understanding and service." They meet monthly in a church or mosque. For $35 annual dues members receive a copy of Dr.Bakerís book, MORE IN COMMON THAN YOU THINK, a CAMP lapel pin and the quarterly newsletter.

Dr. Baker was quite inspired by this new initiative. I would like to share some remarks he made this past summer when he spoke at several womenís auxiliary meetings:

"What is Islam? What is true Christianity and true Judaism?. Get down to the heart of it! If a Jew and a Christian and a Muslim practice their faith, theyíll live in peace. Period! Thatís it! If they practice their faith.

"I want you to understand Öwhat CAMP is in my heart. What started CAMP is God gave me that vision that all Godís people on this earth are equal and are valuable to God!

"My dear sisters in faith. I believe for this time and this moment;Ö God, Allah has brought us all together. Letís face it. If thereís going to be peace, the women are going to have to lead the way! Itís been historically true, itís biblically true. Iíve seen it demonstrated in my own life all over the world where Iíve been. So thatís the focus Öof Womenís CAMP is for you as homemakers, mothers, grandmothers and just women. You have a tremendous role to play in peace. . It doesnít begin with so-called peace treaties. It doesnít even begin with dialogue. It begins with a personís heart as it did mine. It is women who give birth and you have a connection to those children that men will never know. Thatís why women lead the way. You are the first wave for women to come together, to lead the men to come together, to lead America to come together for justice. So donít give up! The whole world needs CAMP because Muslims and Christians are 54% of the worldís population. Ö(W)e can come together on the common ground of peace and respect for all human life and demonstrate it by our actions and our programsÖ. Muslims and Christians doing local service projects together is the best way to promote peace."

To learn more about Christians and Muslims for Peace, please visit the website www.campintl.com. If you are inspired to start a local chapter and want some assistance, you may email me at paulafuji1@juno.com.

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